Serious concerns have been expressed after proposals to build up to 100 homes on green barrier land were revealed.

Hill Enterprises is set to submit proposals to Flintshire Council for up to 100 homes on land off Meg’s Lane in Buckley.

After public consultation exercises began in the area, serious concerns have been raised on social media about the proposals.

An online petition has been launched against the proposals by “Meg’s Lane Residents”, with more than 60 people expressing objections.

The petition said: “We are opposed to any development for several reasons, not least the lack of a proposal for increased road capacity for a development which will bring about a huge increase in the traffic volume on what is already a dangerously busy route.

“There will be an increased need for parking in an area that already has issues in this regard.

“In addition, Buckley has seen such huge amount of development in recent years that the infrastructure of the town cannot cope with more families moving to the area.”

They added: “A development of 100 homes brings the potential for an increased population of 400 people, all of whom will need to register with our already overstretched doctors, the younger people will need school places and all the local primary schools are operating at or near capacity.

“The police in North Wales have, like all other areas, suffered several cuts resulting in less police than ever being available to serve the community, there are few amenities locally and stretching them ever thinner will result in them becoming less accessible to people already resident in the town.”

The developers have argued that the proposal is a sustainable one.

In documents created by Leith Planning Ltd, it was argued that a recent appeal that allowed for 56 homes in Higher Kinnerton could be used to show the “extent of under supply of housing land within Flintshire and supports the case to approve residential developments in sustainable locations”.

They added: “For the reasons laid out within this submission it is our view that the development proposed is in compliance with the provisions of the development plan.

“Should the local authority determine that this is not the case there are clearly other material considerations of significant weight which weigh in favour of the grant of consent.

“This scheme will secure sustainable development through the development of a site in a highly sustainable location, which makes the most efficient use of land, while preserving the landscape character.

“Furthermore, the development of the land for housing would make a significant contribution to the council’s shortage of housing land supply.”