Residents spoke of their shock after armed police arrived in a Wrexham residential area in search of a wanted man.

Several officers as well as police dogs were in the Smithfield Road area just after 2pm on Monday and made their way around several nearby streets.

Chief Inspector Paul Jones said: “Officers were in the vicinity of Smithfield Road after police received reports of possible sightings of a man they are trying to locate, in connection with an incident in Merseyside.”

A police spokesman added the male was not found and inquiries are ongoing to locate him.

A resident of Oxford Road, who did not wish to be named, told the Leader: “I saw armed police, quite a few of them. It was quite alarming to be honest.

“We didn’t expect to see it here but you’ve got to give credit to the police protecting the residents – it is just a shock to see dog handlers and armed police and not really feeling safe because you’re not in the knowledge of what’s going on.

“Everywhere was blocked off. It is alarming because we have a lot of elderly residents here as well – it is not something I want to see again.”

Another resident, who also wished to remain anonymous, said: “I went to Tesco and my son rang me to say there was armed police in the street. I couldn’t get back because I got stuck on Barons Road.

“The police didn’t say what was going on. They just said ‘stop there for your own safety.’ I just wanted to get back home. You just get upset – you don’t really want it in the street.”