RESIDENTS are being encouraged to recycle more of their old clothes.

Wrexham-based uniform suppliers Top Mark Uniforms, are looking to collect in all old uniforms and workwear supplied to clients and distribute it to some of the poorest nations around the globe via their chosen charity partner 3rd World Hope.

Andrew McHugh and Gareth Williams, the company directors, are aiming to sell and then recycle all of the clothing that leaves their premises.

Mr McHugh said: “Over the past 10 years, clothing has been the fastest growing waste stream in the UK.

”In partnership with the 3rd World Hope, we at Top Mark Uniforms are trying to educate our clients in to recycling all their old uniforms and work wear, through our own collection services..

”We wanted to try and make a change, albeit a small change initially, but hopefully as we grow, so do our efforts in educating people and making ourselves and others become more sustainable.”

As pressure mounts on retailers to reform a throwaway clothing culture Mr Williams said: ”We believe we are the first embroidery and print wear supplier who is offering this service to their clients.

”If clothes go out with the rubbish, they’ll end up in landfill, so we’ve teamed up with 3rd World Hope to help Britons become more charitable and environmentally savvy.

“No matter if they’re worn out or grubby, we’re calling on clients, businesses, schools, sports clubs, dance troupes, to donate their unwanted uniforms and workwear back to us so we can help others.”

Mr McHugh explained that 3rd World Hope work in deprived countries around the world and one of their missions is setting up new schools for children.

He said: “We have decided with Shaun Williams, the founder of 3rd World Hope, to donate any school uniforms we collect in.

”We are aiming to supply a school in another country with all the same uniform from a school within the UK.

”If we can succeed in this we will then create links between the schools, who then can keep in touch, send pictures of the children in their new uniforms, but more importantly we can educate our children of the plight and struggles of others around the world.”

Along with helping others around the world Mr McHugh and Mr Williams have committed to helping Nightingale House, a charity close to their hearts, both having previously lost close family members to cancer and seeing the amazing work done at the hospice.