A “Little ninja” has followed her dreams and struck gold at a taekwondo competition.

Alys Davies-Abbott, 10, of Holywell, took part in the Taekwondo Association of Great Britain’s (TAGB) Welsh Area Championships at the Newport Leisure centre and won a gold trophy for her success in taekwondo.

The TAGB host world, international, national and regional taekwondo tournaments throughout the year for all ages.

The 10-year-old, grand-daughter of Holywell town councillor Karin Davies, took part in the junior’s individual sparring competition at the championships and was thrilled to have won.

She trains in various locations across Flintshire at the Martin Williams schools of Taekwondo where Alys’ idol and double
Olympic gold medalist Jade Jones, from Flint, was a member when aged eight to 15.

The Ysgol Maesglas pupil started out as a ‘little ninja’ four-and-a-half years to follow her dreams of being a taekwondo champion and has been competing in the sport since last July.

Her goal is to get a black belt in the sport and is almost there as she currently has her ‘half-stripe’ black belt.

Mum Samantha Davies-Abbott said: “Alys and her brother loved Spy Kids as children and always wanted to be like the characters on there, and from watching Jade win gold it made her want to start training.

“She’s absolutely chuffed to bits to have won gold in Newport, she’s going for her black belt now as she’s passed all the coloured belts.

”She is committed to everything she does in life and always tries her best.

“We’re absolutely over the moon
for her.”

She added: “It has been a lovely way to end her coloured belt. We are really proud of her and really happy because she’s worked so hard to achieve it.

“Alys has done a couple of classes with Jade and she really looks up to her. She stayed up until 2am a few times to watch Jade fight. We set the alarm to make sure she could watch the Olympic games.”

Alys hopes to become an instructor in taekwondo but also teach at her school in Greenfield when she
grows up.

Her mum says she “always strives to be the best” and is looking forward to a future in the sport.