A CALL has been made to reduce the speed limit on one of the region’s busiest roads following several crashes.

The corner of the A494 near the old Clwyd Gate hotel in Ruthin, Denbighshire, was the scene of a crash on Monday that saw one person taken to hospital.

Llanbedr DC councillor Huw Williams said: “This is the second crash in weeks.

“This is the path of Offa Dyke where the crashes are.

“Why will the Welsh Government not put speed restrictions in before someone gets killed?

“I would like to invite Edwina Hart to walk the road [and] then say it’s safe.”

Authorities have been warned unless they do something, people could die on the road.

Clwyd West AM Darren Millar said: “I’ve written on many occasions to the Welsh Government calling for a reduction in the speed limit on this stretch of road but all my calls have fallen on deaf ears. 

“It’s time ministers in Cardiff Bay listened to local concerns.

“We need swift action before someone is killed.

“The Welsh Government seems to be very laid back in its attitude to highway safety on the A494 in North Wales.

“I’m sure things would be very different if this stretch of the road was in South Wales and closer to Cardiff.”

Dangerous conditions on the road have led to concerns about the impact it could have on nearby businesses.

Steve Jones, who is reoopening the Clwyd Gate hotel in September as a restaurant, said he was in favour of reducing the speed limit on a stretch of road he felt could be dangerous.

He said: “I am in favour of reducing the speed limit.

“Our car park is on a blind bend there and people whizz around.

“For people coming out of the car park it can be that they are taking their lives in their hands.”