FOOD for thought: what’s good to eat 

Bread – Provides the fibre we need for good digestion Chocolate – Good in moderation. Too much makes you put on weight, but a small amount can make you feel brighter and more optimistic Alcohol – Red wine in moderation can help reduce damaging cholesterol, replacing it with a more healthier variety. However, be careful – too much wine can be harmful Salt – Your body needs salt, but not too much. It can cause high blood pressure but scientists say we should not try to live without it Fish – A regular intake of fish, particularly oily fish like sardines, kippers and mackerel, help avoid heart disease. Two fish meals a week are recommended Coffee – Many people believe it is bad for you – and too much of it is. But one or two cups a day do no harm and can help stave off the threat of stomach cancer Noodles – Both noodles and spaghetti are good for you as they contain little fat but help satisfy a healthy appetite Experts say you are unlikely to get fat by eating plates of pasta Red meat – Despite what some people say, moderate quantities of red meat are good for you. Meat is strong on iron content and if you don’t eat enough you may suffer fatigue Oysters – A plate of oysters can help stave off some of the effects of ageing