NATURALLY all brides wish to look their best on their big day.

The whole tradition of the event is geared around a beautiful bride who is the centre-piece. A beautiful gown and accessories help, but even they will not do her justice if she’s over-tired, off-colour and generally jaded.

She will have no sparkle, no enthusiasm, no spring in her step. Instead of sailing majestically towards the altar, or wherever else the ceremony is to be conducted, she will slink in tired embarrassment, hoping no-one will notice.

What a waste of a special day! In the matter of weddings the bride is the Day and so it’s worth her taking a few relatively simple steps to ensure, when she first appears before the gathered friends and relatives in all her finery, she draws gasps of admiration, not sighs of silent sympathy.

A sensible exercise and beauty routine, begun as soon as the day is set, plus a sensible diet and a programme of regular relaxation, will do the trick. So it’s off to the beauty salon and the gym to get the programme under way.

It is a good idea to enrol in a keep fit or Aerobics class. Start gently though. The idea is to get fit not break records or put joints and muscles out of action.

A health club membership is also a good idea as the various treatments and pieces of equipment are administered under supervision and geared to the needs of each individual.

A regular exercise routine generally trims the body obviating the need for dieting. If the bride-to-be is seriously over-weight however, a sensible diet is essential.

It’s necessary to talk to one’s doctor before embarking on a weight losing diet - just in case the excess weight has a medical background.

Doctors too, and the practice nurse, can give excellent advice on sensible reducing diets. If she finds a diet hard to follow, joining a weight loss group may be a big help.

At the beauty salon, a series of skin treatments and facials will get her complexion under control. A sensible, well balanced, low fat diet will also help here.

While she’s there she should also seek the attentions of the manicurist to ensure the hand the ring goes on is worthy of attention.

She may also wish to discuss her nails with a nail technician if she intends to wear extensions on the day. Attention to her feet is also wise. She will be standing around for a while on the day itself and happy feet do help make it all the more bearable.

Relaxation is essential if she is to be perfectly relaxed on the day. Exercise and diet will help but if she takes a short course, buys a book or special tape, on relaxation techniques, she will have taken a big step towards a happy wedding day.

On the day itself it will be a help if she arranges for someone from the beauty salon to come and give her a really professional make-up.

This will contribute to her level of confidence, make her more relaxed, radiant and ready for a really successful day.