EVERY job is different from the next, demanding different skills and talents.

But there are certain qualities that all employers look for in interviewees. 

Eye contact – stand your ground and make positive statements. Good eye contact says you have courage and you are dependable. Imagination – show that you have the practical know-how to be able to act decisively when faced with day-to-day problems. Writing skills – you should be able to prepare concise and understandable reports on people and events. Sense of humour – it’s good to have one, but don’t act the office fool! You should have the flair for seeing the other side of any argument or situation. Good time-keeping – arriving late for an interview raises doubts about your ability to be on time for work or meetings. Preparation – careful reading of the job description and company information help in showing your initiative. But the most important preparation you can make is to ensure that the company is one for whom you want to work. Questions you should ask – a careful reading of the company information will indicate specific questions you can ask. Such questions help to impress the interviewer that you have a real interest in the job. Business-like but friendly – keep away from long family sagas as you may give the impression that your private life will affect your working life. Promote a good “whatever-it-takes” attitude – be positive but not overbearing.

Above all, by having a professional and well presented CV you help both yourself and the interviewer. 

A good CV will encourage the interviewer to ask questions that arise from the content and not depend on the list of questions in the drawer.