MOVING in to your newly built home should be trouble free.

It doesn’t have to be vacated by anyone by anyone else so once the legal formalities have been completed, you can choose your day.

This is very important. It means you can get the basics sorted out, the furnishings in place and the furniture correctly arranged, piece by piece, a room at a time.

No having to move ‘this’ to ‘there’ in order to put ‘that’ in position. No having to clear a room before the carpet can be laid. No confusion, no futile search for the kettle and tea.

First things first though. You will have had a survey done and had a good look round before the formalities were completed but, before you get anything installed, make a really good inspection.

Most builders operate a final inspection system - but things can get overlooked.

Organize for all services to be connected and familiarize yourself with the mains controls. You need to know how to turn things off and on.

Check all points and light switches. Turn on all taps and flush the lavatory.

If there is an immersion heater, switch it on to ensure it’s working. It is a good idea to switch on the central heating and to check each radiator is operational.

In the kitchen, make sure the cooker point works and that the waste disposal and or extractor fans are in operation if they have been fitted.

It’s far better to have the builders back to carry out repairs and connections before your furniture and furnishings arrive. Your builder will usually be quite happy to organise a return visit.

Don’t forget to arrange for a TV aerial to be installed, likewise the telephone, unless of course, as is often the case these days, these items have already been fitted.

A good many new homes are sold with fitted carpets, unless you’ve opted for the popular wood flooring. If your new home needs floor covering remember it’s much more satisfactory to have this work done without having to move furniture around. And the same goes for curtains, blinds and light fittings.

They are all much easier to fit in an empty room.

Once the background has been set you can begin to move your furniture in and arrange it as you will.

An important point when the kitchen has been checked, is to stock up with a simple selection of basic foods just in case you forget you need to eat until the shops are closed.

Once you have everything in place you can move in with what you have left, clothes, plants, children, pets, household ‘goods’.

You’ll still be amazed at how much stuff you possess but, at least you’ll stand a chance of getting it all distributed throughout the property as you wish.

Then imagine the sheer relief of your first good night’s sleep in your new bedrooms.

Sweet dreams.