WE live in an increasingly pressurised society. Everyone seems to be in a hurry. Everything needs to be done at breakneck speed. There is little time for relaxation.

The result is we are cutting corners at every turn and our diet is no exception.

Instead of the slowly prepared, leisurely meals we once enjoyed as families, we now tend to gulp at snacks, often on the move, and seldom get together with partners and offspring to enjoy what is most basic to our well being.

In short, fast food is the order of the day. 

Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with fast food if it’s well cooked, nourishing and wholesome.

Research shows that these ‘grazing’ habits we are developing, are actually quite good for us.

They contribute is some way to reducing our arterial cholesterol formation. And fortunately, there is some great fast food available to us both to take away or to eat in. 

First there are the so-called burger bars. They produce excellent meat and fish products, usually sold in a bun with fresh salad, tangy dressings and tasty fries as an accompaniment.

With due regard to medical opinion they are cooked on an open griddle and the fries are often oven baked.

Most of these types of restaurant provide seating in-house but are equally geared to you taking the food away.

They also seem to remain open for a great deal longer than most other fast food outlets providing food from early breakfast time to late supper. 

Next come the ethnic restaurants, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Tai, Greek and Middle Eastern, etc.

These produce anything from full banquets to quick snacks and in almost less time than it takes to order.

The exotic ingredients, spices and consistencies of these meals are both mouth wateringly good and very healthy. Enjoy these exotic dishes in the restaurants, carry a selection home or, in many cases, have them delivered to your door. 

That good old standby of the Italian rural worker, the pizza is another fast food worth eating.

However the modern pizza is a far cry from the original forerunner.

Huge, plate sized flat breads hold a variety of meats, vegetables, fruit, fish and cheeses which, when baked for a flash in the oven, come together in an appetizing orchestration of taste - a meal could hardly be faster or more nourishing.

Enjoy a pizza in the special restaurant, on the hoof munched hot from your hands, or have one delivered piping hot to your home. 

Last but by no means least is that great British tradition, the fish and chip shop. Choice cuts of white fish, dipped in the best batters and fried to perfection take a great deal of beating especially when accompanied by succulent, perfectly cooked, fragrant chips.

But they also provide equally delicious alternatives such as fish cakes, chicken, sausages, pies and a variety of sauces to further enhance the experience.

Enjoy your fish and chips in the shop’s own restaurant, carry a pack home or savour its mouth watering deliciousness as you wander along. The choice is yours. 

And choice there certainly is if you want your food fast hot and when you want it. There are certainly a great many caterers waiting to accommodate you.

So don’t say you don’t have time or opportunity to eat a decent meal because, with the choice there is around, there’s every opportunity and very little time required!