WHETHER you are buying with the aim of making a profit or simply adding to your own collection, antiques can be a very sound investment. 

While fashions will change and prices fluctuate,there are two attributes that will ensure an item sells well whatever the climate – quality and scarcity. 

Most of us love nothing more than uncovering a bargain or coming across something you have never seen before. 

If you’ve watched Channel 4 ‘s Four Rooms you’ll have seen some weird and wonderful lots that may be worth a mint, but you would never have them in your house.

Then there’s the old favourites The Antiques Roadshow and Antiques Road Trip, Bargain Hunt and Flog It which are packed with a whole variety of items that are bought and sold for pennies or a small fortune.

Some people prefer toy cars, model trains, or Star Wars memorabilia while others collect salt and pepper pots, stamps or even pencil sharpeners. 

Vintage clothing is so on trend today, good quality furniture will always find a market, and everybody knows keeping iconic toys in pristine condition in their boxes is a really shrewd investment. 

Occasionally, if you’re really lucky a real treasure turns up at a car boot sale or literally in the attic, and it’s the fun of finding out that makes collecting from the past such a popular hobby today,