Coronation Street is one of the most popular shows on British television and it currently holds the record for the longest soap opera in the world. The show often sports a dramatic storyline, whether it be a love triangle, a pregnancy or a mysterious murder. These storylines have enthralled and entertained viewers since 1960 and the major characters like Jason Grimshaw and celebrity guest appearances such as Sir Ian McKellen have all played their part in hooking viewers for so many years. Coronation Street will soon be closing its doors on the old set before moving homes for good to a new location in Greater Manchester. In keeping with their Corrie-themed games on-site as part of their ongoing relationship with the show, Gala Bingo are celebrating the exciting move to the new set. They are running a host of promotions and events and have compiled a list of the greatest Coronation Street moments of all time, but will your favourite Corrie moment make the list? 5. Blanche visits the alcoholics' support groupAiring on 20th July 2009, this episode followed Blanche and the Barlow’s as they attended the alcoholics' meeting. Blanche suddenly announced that she recently had an affair and revealed that Tracy is in prison for murder. Claire also told Ashley that she didn't want any more children and he must have a vasectomy. All of these revelations and more, led to this episode being one the most memorable Coronation Street moments ever.Image from 4. Ernest Bishop's MurderAired in 1978, this episode focused on the murder of Ernest Bishop. The listed this as a key episode, which involved a botched raid by Ed Jackson and Tommo on the factory where Gentle Ernie worked. Bishop tried his best to talk them round from stealing wages, however, Mike Baldwin interrupted and knocked into Ed's arm, causing the gun to go off. Ernest was shot and later died, which was pivotal in the soap opera because it left Ernest’s wife a widow, whilst the two thugs were sent to prison for life.             Image from  3. Mike, Deirdre and Ken's love triangleThis episode aired in 1983 and involved a heated love triangle. Ken and Deirdre Barlow were married for a year when she had an affair with Mike Baldwin. This rift between them has lasted 20 years and still has viewers debating whether Deirdre should opt for Mike or Ken. Image from 2. Terry Sells his SonThis dramatic episode aired on 24th December 1993. Characters that were involved were; Terry Duckworth, Vera Duckworth, Jack Duckworth and Jeff Horton. In this episode, Terry sold parental rights of his son Tommy to the Horton’s, prompting his father Jack to punch him in his rage and throw him out of the house, despite Vera’s pleas. As a consequence for selling his son, Terry lost his other children’s trust and respect, as well as the respect of other members of the community. This was a shocking moment in Coronation Street history that had viewers transfixed. Image from 1. Tony Gordon burns down UnderworldThis exciting episode aired on our screens on 9th June 2010. Tony Gordon threw petrol around the factory whilst Carla tried to fray the ropes that tied her hands together. When Carla managed to escape, Tony chased her but she jumped off the balcony and landed safely on a pile of boxes. Tony turned and walked back into the fire, perishing with the Underworld factory, drawing a dramatic conclusion to this high-drama episode.Image from Gala’s list highlights some of the best Coronation Street moments on the original set of the world famous soap opera. The new Weatherfield set in Greater Manchester is guaranteed to host many more epic moments in years to come, providing the same excitement and anticipation that Corrie has delivered to its many fans thus far.