We’ve all heard about posties being bitten by dogs.

Now politicians are saying they are just as likely to be targeted by aggressive hounds when out canvassing on voters’ doorsteps.

New figures showed 17 postmen and women were victims of dog attacks in the Delyn parliamentary constituency area – including Mold, Flint and Holywell and the surrounding villages – in the year to April.

Royal Mail has launched a campaign to prevent dogs biting postmen and women, aiming to raise awareness of how to react around dogs and to help prevent attacks on postal staff and members of the public.

But Delyn MP David Hanson is now trying to broaden the campaign, after the results of a survey of MPs and Assembly Members about their personal experiences of being bitten by a dog were published.

The survey found politicians face similar risks of being attacked by a dog to postal workers when out canvassing or delivering leaflets.

Just over half of the near-50 respondents said they had been involved an incident with a dog.

Mr Hanson said: “I am pleased to back the campaign to help people learn tips on how to protect themselves from dog attacks and how to stay safe when delivering to people’s doors in Flintshire.

“Dog attacks are a significant issue faced by postal workers, members of the public and indeed by myself and my colleagues when out leafleting.

“Royal Mail, CWU, Battersea Dogs and Cats Home and Dogs Trust are doing a fantastic job promoting responsible dog ownership and I fully support this important campaign.”

Shaun Davis, Royal Mail Group director of health, safety, wellbeing and sustainability, added: “We’re pleased David Hanson MP is lending their support to our important campaign.

“As we’ve seen from our survey, postal workers are not alone in facing dog attacks – politicians experience the same risk of being bitten by a dog every time they canvass or deliver a leaflet through someone’s door.

“Nobody should face this hazard while simply trying to do their job.”