Woman with curves often find that dressing for their bodies is frustrating. However, these tips ensure that every woman find pieces that work with her body and mood!

Respect Body Shape

Fashion might be designed to be one-size-fits-most, but sometimes the cut just won't work for everyone. Not everyone can work a peplum top. Shoppers should try a variety of styles and notice what works for them. Here are a few tips for specific problem areas:

An empire waist and high belt can help hide tummy troubles.Where vertical stripes or white to emphasize a smaller bust.Choose jeans with simply pockets to minimize a larger backside.Elongate legs and improve posture with heels.Darts in slacks and skirts help fit rounded butts better.Create the illusion of a waist with styles that cut in at the waist. Stay away from boxy cuts.Tailor the hemline of skirts so they fall before narrowest part of the leg.De-emphasize a large bust with a draped neckline.Opt for ruching around bulging areas.Avoid heavier fabrics for a slim appearance.Choose pieces with interesting details on non-problem areas. For example, detailed sleeves can distract from the midsection.Dresses, skirts, jeans and pants with built-in control panels flatter stomachs.

Say "Hello" to Shapewear

Shapewear has come a long way since the girdle. A woman who wants to look her best for a party, should consider cinchers, bodysuits or even slimming panties to wear under their outfit. Shapewear isn't generally intended for everyday wear, but it can help on special occasions.

Appreciate Color -- and Pattern!

Black is slimming, but that doesn't mean it should be the only color in a person's wardrobe. Color blocking against the sides creates the illusion of that perfect hourglass figure. Darker colors toward the outside of the body slim the figure, which is why many jeans have a faded wash toward the center of the legs.

Fashionistas shouldn't skip white and bright colors just because they have a curvy body. Splashes of those colors mixed in with more flattering colors are key. A white scarf, shoes or a chunky white bracelet works well without drawing attention to problem areas.

Patterns can be flattering when buyers know how to choose them. Horizontal strips can add pounds while vertical stripes tend to be more flattering. However, chevrons and diagonal stripes may be just as flattering. When it comes to patterns, smaller is generally better for a thinner appearance. It also prevents the "mumu" look that large patterns can create. Subtle patterns like many of those found at www.navabi.co.uk also help to create a sophisticated look without appearing too busy, which isn't flattering on any body.

Get to Know A Tailor

Shoppers can feel frustrated when they leave the store empty-handed. A tailor who does quality work can shorten or take in store-bought pieces to make them a perfect fit for real bodies and not just the mannequin.