A TOWN centre walkway is being used a urinal, a concerned community leader says.

The state of the underpass in Holywell has been highlighted by town councillor Peter York, who has called for effective action.

Cllr York raised the issue at a meeting of the authority where members voiced their concerns to representatives from the Flintshire Council-led Streetscape town centre regeneration scheme.

Cllr York said the walkway, which runs between Tesco car park and Holywell High Street, had the stench of a urinal.

He also described it as “drab” and “dull” and said improving it would be hugely beneficial to the town.

He said: “It’s something all of us have been concerned about for some time. People tend to go down there and urinate.

“The police keep an eye on the area but unless they catch someone in the act. there is not much they can do. It looks rather dull down there.

“We need to do something about it to make it look more welcoming for visitors.”

Cllr York said that if the money from Streetscape scheme were not used for tidying up the walkway, then the town council would need to try to find extra grants to fund the work.

Plans on regenerating the town sparked a debate between councillors, with various ideas being submitted.

All members called for the money to be spent on ways to attract more visitors into the town.

Flintshire Council has secured funding from the European Regional Development Fund for the improvements.

Niall Waller, the county council’s economic development manager, who attended the town council meeting, said  £2 million was to be split between seven towns.

He said specific allocation sums would be confirmed once proposals had been decided upon.