MORE than 100 people have signed a petition calling for a drop in speed limit on a busy Denbighshire road.

Vale of Clwyd MP Chris Ruane was prompted to circulate a petition in Trefnant after residents raised concerns about the speed some motorists travel at between the main part of the village and Tweedmill on the A525.

There is currently a 30mph speed limit through the main part of Trefnant which then changes towards St Asaph to a national speed limit for a few hundred yards before dropping to a 40mph just before the junction with the B5381 and a sharp right bend in the road.

Residents believe some motorists are failing to slow down when entering the 40mph zone after having sped up to 50 or 60mph, posing a risk to other drivers using the B5381 junction and those entering or exiting the Nant y Patrick and Clwydian Park estates.

Pedestrians using the bus stops just inside the 40mph zone are also at risk of being hit by speeding motorists.

Mr Ruane said: “A huge number of people have signed the petition and also added comments about their concerns over traffic speeds and safety in the area.

“There are obviously concerns over the position of the bus stops on a sharp corner and the safety issue this poses to those who are less mobile.

“I appreciate there are financial constraints within the local authority but reducing the speed limit and making motorists more aware of people crossing could be a way of dealing with this situation.”

He said he had raised the issue with Denbighshire County Council but was told a redesign of the B5381 junction and bus stops would prove too costly.

But residents believe a change to the speed limit could improve safety and have called for the current national speed limit to be changed to 40mph and the current 40mph from the hill to Tweedmill to be reduced to 30mph.

Chair of Trefnant Community Council Antony Griffith revealed the authority had spoken to a highways representative at its last meeting and had been assured the issue would be “looked at”.

“But we’ve heard that before,” he said.

“The elderly and children who use the bus stop are having to run across the road because it’s so difficult to cross.”

And vice chairman David Dudley added: “All it would take would be changing two speed signs.”

Mr Ruane said he would be sending the petition to Denbighshire council to highlight the level of public support for the proposed changes.