TEN new Police Community Support Officers will soon be on duty in Wrexham, community leaders have been told.

Sgt Mark Williams said they were part of a new intake of PCSOs recruited by North Wales Police and should be in the town by next month.

He told Offa Community Council that each ward in the town would now be covered and other PCSOs used as back up.

He said the police were concerned about the crime rate in Offa in the last year, particularly the number of burglaries, but following increased work by plain clothes officers there had been a drastic drop in crime.

Sgt Williams said Chief Constable Mark Polin was very supportive of community policing but he said in the majority of cases the break-ins had been “walk-in” cases.

Residents had to make sure their houses were securely locked but it was surprising the number of people who did not protect their homes and cars.

He advised residents to form Neighbourhood Watch schemes enabling them to look out for each other. Sgt Williams, answering complaints that PCSOs were not seen patrolling wards as they had in the past, said: “Unless they are called away on other urgent duties, they are patrolling.

“Because you don’t happen to see them when you look out of a front window does not mean they are not patrolling – they are.”

County Cllr Alun Jenkins asked if the PCSOs would clamp down on cyclists who are a danger to themselves and pedestrians. “You can, to a certain degree, accept young children riding on pavements but I am talking about adults who travel at speed and without warning.

“They do not wear helmets or use bells. I know I have complained about this before but it is a real problem and I would like to see the police launch a campaign highlighting the dangers.”

Sgt Williams said he would note Cllr Jenkins’ remarks which would be also taken up by the PCSOs.