MOTORISTS in Shrewsbury will pay less for parking when the pricing bands are changed at a town centre car park.

The pricing at Raven Meadows multi-storey is changing with the introduction of new bands which will allow people to pay for each hour they park up to six hours, rather than the current bands that start at £1.50 for one hour and then jump to £3.50 for between one and three hours.

The new pricing structure will include the introduction of a two-hour tariff after shoppers told  Shropshire Council more flexible timing bands would encourage people to spend as much time as they needed shopping rather than having to rush back to the car to avoid paying a higher charge.

From October 3, motorists will pay £1.50 for up to one hour, £2.50 for up to two hours, £3.50 for up to three hours, £4 for up to four hours, £5 for up to five hours, £6 for up to six hours and £8 for up to 10 hours.

Cllr Simon Jones, cabinet member for parking at Shropshire Council, said: “We are continuing to do what we can to encourage shoppers into Shrewsbury town centre.

“Adding more pricing bands at Raven Meadows will make it simpler and fairer for drivers, so you effectively pay for what you get rather than being charged for parking time that you don’t need.

“We are listening to what people say and we will keep looking at ways of making parking charges as fair as possible.”