PENSIONERS are being urged to remain vigilant following three distraction burglaries in one day.

Burglars talked their way into the homes of elderly people in Shrewsbury, Telford and Oswestry during a four-hour period on August 30.

Two men concocted a story about their daughter accidentally damaging the conservatory windows with a catapult at a home in Wellmeadow Road, Shrewsbury, between 3.30pm and 3.50pm.

A purse containing about £42 was stolen while the householder was distracted.

Earlier in the day between 12.35pm and 1.20pm, a male rang the front door intercom at Chockleys Drive, Leegomery, Telford, saying he was delivering a parcel.

The man barged inside when the door was opened and told the occupant his patio window was broken.

A second man sneaked inside while the householder was distracted.
Shortly after the victim found £70 was missing from his wallet.

The third burglary happened at Queen's Head, near Oswestry, at about 4.30pm where £80 and a ladies 1951 Rolex Oyster watch with a hexagonal face and gold link bracelet was stolen.

Two men claimed their sister had cracked the bathroom window with a catapult and they wanted to check out the damage.

The victims in all three incidents were in their eighties and police believe the same two men may have been responsible.

A spokesman for West Mercia Police said: “Fortunately, distraction burglaries are fairly rare in Shropshire, but when they happen, elderly people are usually targeted and everyone's needs to be aware.

“The golden rule is not to let strangers calling at your door inside whatever reason they give. Tell them to go away and if they persist, say you are calling the police.

“If you see anything which raises your suspicions it's important to contact the police by calling 0300 333 3000 so we can check it out. “But remember not to let strangers inside the home unless you have received prior written notification they are calling.”