DETECTIVES are to look again at the mysterious disappearance of antiques dealer Trevaline Evans 21 years ago.

North Wales Police say they will explore the possibility of a link between Trevaline’s baffling disappearance at the age of 52 on June 16, 1990 and Shropshire serial killer Robin Stanislaw Ligus.

Ligus, 59, of Shrewsbury, was last month detained indefinitely in a secure mental hospital after a jury at Birmingham Crown Court found him responsible for the murders of two men in Shropshire in 1994 – one of which took place in Oswestry and the other in Whitchurch.

Ligus was already serving a life sentence for killing a Shrewsbury pensioner, also in 1994.

Det Insp Alun Oldfield said: “We will consider this man and review the information we have.

“We continue to review the Trevaline Evans case and would ask anyone with information to contact us.”

No trace of her has ever been found and the case remains open on the files of North Wales Police.

Trevaline’s younger brother, Len Davies, 69, says he welcomes any move that sheds new light on what officers on the case described as the strangest they had ever been involved with.

In an exclusive interview, Mr Davies said: “I have thought all along that Trevaline was murdered, so this may be an interesting development.

“The possibility of a link may only be a slim one, but anything that sheds new light on the case has to be looked at.

“I am pleased to hear the police will at least consider the possibility of a link.”

He added: “She just disappeared without trace and over the years there have never been any clues about what happened to her.

“She had made no preparation for going anywhere, she didn’t take any money with her and no money was taken from her bank.

“There has never been any contact with any of her family that I know of.

“I am the only one left alive from her side of the family and I would love to find out what happened to her.

“Perhaps this possible link will make the police look a little bit closer at the case.”

Ligus, who had worked as a painter and decorator, was said in court to have boasted to a fellow inmate of Gartree Prison that he was a “natural born killer”.

The jury found he bludgeoned to death Ludlow antiques dealer Trevor Bradley, 53, whose body was found in a burned-out car at Nalverley, near Oswestry in April 1994.

Ligus was also found responsible for the murder of 57 year-old Brian Coles during a burglary at his home at Higher Heath, near Whitchurch, in October 1994.

He was handed a life sentence in 1996 for the murder of 75-year-old Robert Young in Shrewsbury in October 1994.

In September last year, following a ‘cold case’ review by West Mercia Police, he was charged with the two additional murders.

He was acquitted of involvement in the death of Bernard Czyzewska, whose body was found in the River Severn at Shrewsbury in November 1994.