THE Red Cross in Shropshire has been passing on its first aid knowledge to rural communities.

Volunteer Lindsay Herd told a meeting of the Rotary Club of Shawbury and Mid Shropshire that a team of volunteer trainers had been delivering work on behalf of the Red Cross in rural communities.

She said: “They are working with a lot of community groups.

“There is nothing complicated about first aid learning - it is all delivered in a simple way.”

She said her aim was to get first aid training to people who do not usually receive it.

“This includes rural communities and also lots of community groups,” she said.

“All of our training is delivered in flexible, affordable tailored sessions to meet the needs of individuals.

“I very much work with rural communities to give them first aid training so that if anything happens they have the confidence and willingness to act before the ambulance or local Community First Responders can get to them.

“It would be fantastic if everyone learned first aid. Whilst hopefully it is something we don’t need to use, having some knowledge and skills could make the difference in saving someone’s life.”

Lindsay added that the Red Cross in Shropshire had other services as well as the Community Based First aid training programme that include Support at Home, the Young Carer’s Project and International Tracing and Messaging Services.