SKATEBOARDERS are being urged to have their say on provision for their sport in Shrewsbury.

A council review has recently taken place with BMX bikers leading to a new club being set up, and investment in a number of sites.

The council now wants to do the same for skate park provision and to work with skateboarders to develop the best approach for Shrewsbury.

The development of the skate park at Monkmoor Recreation Ground will be put on hold to allow council officers and people interested in skating to discuss the best way of improving facilities across Shrewsbury as a whole.

Cllr Steve Charmley, cabinet member for health and wellbeing, said: “We have been talking for a long time with various people about the best way forward for Monkmoor skate park.

“It’s important we get it right, and it makes sense to look at skating provision across the town as a whole rather than in isolated pockets.

“Let’s be honest, budgets are incredibly tight at the moment so it’s important we spend what money we have wisely and across numerous sites to make sure the maximum number of people can benefit.

“I hope people interested in skating get involved with this review and help improve access to the sport for everyone in the Shrewsbury area.”

Cllr Miles Kenny, local member for Monkmoor, added: “It’s really positive that the council will be working with skate park users to make sure any new developments are what everyone wants.

“There have been many discussions with different groups of people about the proposals at Monkmoor Recreation Ground, and any work won’t start there until the review has been completed.

“Due to safety concerns the current equipment, which is unusable, will be removed from the site while that review takes place. Meanwhile a new play area has recently been opened at Monkmoor and is already proving very popular with young people.”

Anyone who would like to be involved in the review of skate park provision in Shrewsbury can contact Sean McCarthy at sean.mccarthy@