A NEW reception will be built at Shrewsbury Police Station.

The £130,000 project at Monkmoor will include the installation of a power-assisted door and a new front counter with a dropped area for wheelchair users.

There will also be a new accessible toilet and improved access to existing consultation rooms.

The existing entrance and reception area will be closed during construction work but a temporary reception area will be set up for visitors in a nearby consulting room.

Several visitors’ parking spaces will also be lost while the work is carried out.

A spokesman West Mercia Police said: “This is a significant development which will enhance the main entrance and reception area for visitors, giving better access for all to the station.

“It will also provide a better working environment for officers and staff.

“We will be seeking to keep disruption to a minimum.

“There should be little or no inconvenience to the public who will be able to use the station as normal.”

The work is being carried out to comply with government legislation under the Disability and Equality Act and in conjunction with building regulations.

Work is expected to start on July 25 and is due for completion in November.