A BUS pulled into Shrewsbury carrying an unaccompanied two-year-old who had boarded in Montgomery.

The toddler had travelled the whole one-hour journey in his pyjamas, nappy and socks without anyone realising he was on his own.

It wasn’t until the 558 Tanat Valley service arrived at Shrewsbury bus station that it became clear no one was going to claim him.

Nick Culliford, director of operations at Tanat Valley Coaches and Motors, said: “The bus pulled up at the Square in Montgomery to pick people up as usual and this little child managed to crawl on unnoticed and make its way to the back seat.

“Everyone on the bus naturally assumed the child’s parents were on the bus and didn’t make any comment about the child sitting among a small group of teenagers.

“The bus driver tells me the child wasn’t in the slightest way distressed and didn’t call out for his mother or father at any time.

“When the last of the people started to get off the bus, the driver asked ‘what about your child?’ to which everyone replied ‘it’s not mine’.

“That is when it dawned on everyone that this child had made its way from Montgomery to Shrewsbury alone.

“Until that moment everyone thought the child belonged to someone else and kept quiet.”

Following the incident on Monday, June 20, the driver and a female passenger took the child to the police station on Raven Meadows.

A spokesman for West Mercia Police confirmed the little boy was initially looked after by officers and staff at the town centre office.

Inspector John Tratton of Dyfed Powys Police said: “The driver immediately contacted Shrewsbury Police which resulted in Dyfed-Powys Police making enquiries to locate the parents.

“While the circumstances are highly unusual, fortunately the child didn’t come to any harm and a thorough investigation is now under way.

Mr Culliford added: “The police have commended the driver for his actions because he made sure the child was safe.

“The woman the driver was with also purchased wet wipes and nappies to change the child.”

Two people have been arrested on suspicion of child neglect and remain on police bail pending further enquiries.
A police spokesman said: “The appropriate multi-agency meetings have taken place to ensure the welfare of the child is the priority.”