A JURY has heard a recording revealing the moment a Shrewsbury man confessed details of killing three people.

The tape was played at Birmingham Crown Court where Robin Ligus, 59, is on trial for the murders of Brian Coles, Trevor Bradley and Bernard Czyzewska in 1994.

The poor quality recording features former prison inmate Anthony Murray asking Ligus questions at Gartree Prison in Leicestershire in the mid-1990s.

The court heard Mr Murray, who is too ill to give evidence, used the hidden tape recorder on his solicitor’s advice.

The jury heard Ligus referring to how he killed his “brother-in-law” Trevor Bradley for money and took £2,000 from him to buy drugs in Liverpool.

Ligus also refers to having “felt great” after killing a man when he was 17 by drowning him in the River Severn and speaks of using an iron bar to hit victims.

Before the jury heard the tape Mr Justice Colman Treacy warned of issues surrounding the evidence.

He said: “Although the voices are agreed to be those of Mr Ligus and Mr Murray, the circumstances in which the conversations were made is very much an issue.

“The defence is saying there are good reasons to believe Mr Ligus was pressured or manipulated into making the confessions.”

Ligus is currently serving a life sentence for the murder of pensioner Robert Young in 1994.

At a previous hearing Mr Justice Treacy ruled the defendant was unfit to plead to the three murder charges.

The trial continues.