A man was arrested after becoming aggressive with council workers trying to issue him with a litter fine.

Flintshire Council Streetscene officers requested back-up from North Wales Police when they attempted to issue a fixed penalty notice (FPN) for a littering offence to a man on Duke Street in Flint on Monday afternoon.

It is thought that it was in relation to the discarding of a cigarette.

A North Wales Police spokesman confirmed that the man had been arrested for his “abusive and aggressive behaviour”.

It is understood the man became aggressive after refusing the notice being handed out by council staff.

A standard FPN issued by the local authority carries a fine of £75, but this is reduced to £50 if paid within seven days.

Steve Jones, Flintshire Council chief officer for Streetscene and transportation, added: “Police were called by enforcement officers when a member of the public became aggressive after refusing to accept a fixed penalty notice for a littering offence on Duke Street, Flint.” 

A shopworker, who asked not to be named, said: “I heard a man had dropped a cigarette and refused to pay a fine.

“There were three council workers around him and I heard him saying he put his cigarette out on top of the bin.

“A police car happened to be driving past and they pulled in and I saw them putting handcuffs on him.” 

Guests at the Dee Inn on Duke Street, including former Coronation Street star Bruce Jones (Les Battersby), were enjoying a quiet drink when they heard the commotion.

Mr Jones said: “I thought there must be something more to it than dropping a cigarette for all the trouble it was causing.

“If that’s what you’re paying your rates for. For a man who’s dropping a cigarette and it ends up on the floor, forget it.”