Pregnant wife traumatised by late-night intruders

Published date: 24 August 2014 |
Published by: Owen Evans
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A DOG rumbled thieves who burgled the home of a heavily pregnant woman while she slept upstairs.
Burglars crept into the house of 31-weeks pregnant Rhian Humphreys, 28, while she and husband Josh were asleep in their bed.
The callous intruders managed to snatch Mrs Humphrey’s cream leather handbag before being chased off by the couple’s dog Frank.
But the thieves returned later in the night to steal Mrs Humphreys’ silver Volkswagon Beetle from the driveway.
Mr Humphreys, 28, who works at rivet firm Henrob, Deeside, said he was sickened by the creeper burglary but said it could have been far worse if it was not for the dog, a Chinese shar-pei breed.
“If we didn’t have the dog, who knows what would have happened,” he said.
“Frank scared them off but what if Rhian had got up first and if she had gone down? Who knows what would she have been coming down to.
“If somebody pushed her over, she’s 31 weeks pregnant, so what would have happened to the baby?”
Mr Humphreys, of Reeces Terrace, Bagillt, said his wife, the daughter of Upper Ship pub landlord Rob Davies, was woken by the dog barking and was going to go downstairs and investigate herself, but could not find her glasses so woke her husband.
“Normally the dog would have been sleeping downstairs but he’s become very protective of Rhian since she became pregnant and came upstairs to sleep in our room,” he said.
“But the dog went bonkers when he heard them. He jumped up and ran downstairs and scared them off.”
Mr Humphreys said the thought of somebody breaking into the house while they slept was “horrible”.
He said: “I don’t like to think what could have happened – you don’t know who these people are.
“They could have come anywhere in the house. Rhian is very upset and that means the baby is upset and that’s what makes me furious. 
“She’s 31 weeks and she’s very stressed. Her car’s gone and her money’s gone.”
Mr Humphreys said their dog was asleep in the bedroom before it rushed out after hearing burglars sneaking in through the front door.
He went downstairs to check why the dog was barking and noticed the door ajar, but did not realise they had been burgled until the next morning.
He said: “The dog was going beserk downstairs and I couldn’t understand why. I looked around outside. I have a vehicle, Rhian has a vehicle and both were there.
“I thought maybe someone had walked past outside and he’s seen them.
“As I went back to bed they must still have been outside and have found the keys in the handbag and they’ve come back for a second hit.
“They’ve come once and they’ve come back to get the car and that’s making me really angry.”
Mr Humphreys said there appeared to be opportunistic burglars from outside the area targeting homes around Bagillt after a burglary at the home of an elderly couple on a nearby street earlier this month.
Burglars forced open the locked back door of Paul and Bernadette Edwards’ home on High Street, Bagillt, while they were out shopping.
They trashed two rooms and made off with thousands of pounds of cash and jewellery.
Bagillt councillor Mike Reece said he was worried for residents in Bagillt.
He said: “With the one in Boot End the other week and now this one, it seems the problem is getting worse.
“No one has been caught for the one at the Boot End a couple of weeks ago and it seems these break-ins are happening and no one is getting caught.
“I’m worried for everyone in the village.
“People have got to go out shopping and out to work. I’m worried people are being burgled when they are out."
Mr Humphreys added that police officers said the stolen car – registration number DG06 HXE – was caught on camera travelling through Oakenholt at about 3am on Friday.
It was seen again later on the M56 heading towards Manchester.
North Wales Police spokesman Kevin Evans said the police investigation was ongoing.
“Anyone with information is asked to call 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 quoting crime reference number R126524.”

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