GCSE success for teen so stressed she was hospitalised

Published date: 21 August 2014 |
Published by: Jamie Nield-Siddall 
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 A TEENAGER who got so stressed about her upcoming GCSEs she ended up in hospital recovered to gain great grades.

Holywell High School pupil Olivia Clark was off school with anxiety because of her looming exams, but yesterday marked a tremendous turnaround to pick up two As, three Bs, one C, a distinction and five passes

Olivia lost out on seven weeks of school work while she was off due to being worried sick about her upcoming tests.

Despite this, the 16-year-old dedicated hours to revising at home - helping her to achieve her good grades.

“I was not expecting these results,” said Olivia.

“I had seven weeks off with really bad anxiety from the stress of doing well in my exams.

“I was at home and in hospital - it was a constant cycle.

“I have just caught up at home doing a lot of revision.

“It has been really, really difficult.”

Olivia says she will be staying on at the school to complete her A-levels.

She said she is aiming for a career as a radio presenter, and she is also hoping to become a sign language interpreter.

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  1. Posted by: sheefag at 17:36 on 24 August 2014 Report

    Get a grip love for god's sake.

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