Three arrested in dawn drug raids in Wrexham

Published date: 06 August 2014 |
Published by: Rory Sheehan
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ARRESTS were made yesterday during a series of dawn drugs raids across Wrexham.

Properties across the town centre were raided as the police cracked down on illegal drugs.

The search warrants were undertaken as part of Operation Scorpion, a North Wales-wide operation targeting drugs crime.

Between 20 and 30 officers were involved in the operation and three people were arrested on suspicion of drugs offences and two will be dealt with at a later date.

Acting sergeant Wes Williams led the team of officers, which included firearms officers in the co-ordinated operation.

A total of 11 search warrants were executed in relation to suspected drugs offences and one for a suspected trading standards breach.

The Leader travelled in a car with Sgt Williams and witnessed raids on properties in Hightown.

On arrival at one property, with no answer from inside the premises, a battering ram was used to force the door open, allowing officers to enter and conduct a detailed search.

Once an initial check had been made for needles on the floor, sniffer dog Molly was brought in to continue the search.

At one property drugs paraphernalia was found.

Sgt Williams, said: “The main thing for me is the impact on the community of drug abuse and providing people with reassurance that we are dealing with it.

“We have been planning this raid for two-and-a-half months, to get the amount of staff together it needed and to co-ordinate it all.

“Every address is risk assessed, as you don’t know how people will react – they could have weapons.

“We have to protect the public and ourselves.”

Police then moved onto a property in the town centre.

Again, the door was forced open and amphetamines were found during the search and a man was arrested.

The police expect to make more arrests following more raids in the next few days.

After the raid had moved on to a property in Caia Park, the area’s councillor Keith Gregory gave his support to the action. He said: “I’m really glad they are doing these warrants. It’s good to see that the police are on top of these things.”

Wrexham town centre inspector Paul Wycherley said: “These warrants have been executed following a lengthy period of intelligence gathering.

“The damage that drug use does to our communities cannot be overstated and I am adamant we will continue to robustly deal with these types of offences.”

He added: “We have received positive feedback from community leaders for this intelligence-led operation, which was well co-ordinated by acting sergeant Wesley Williams. This is only the start – there is more to come.”

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  1. Posted by: shazawxm at 11:32 on 06 August 2014 Report

    we have 3 suppliers by us and we also have a COUNCILLOR which sees everything !!! whats being done about that the cops know the people concerned its not fair local residents have to watch these smack heads passing the doors every day and night

  2. Posted by: mr katt at 13:08 on 06 August 2014 Report

    What about mold how about a summer clear out TIP! Turn in a pusher ....

  3. Posted by: if-you-ask-me at 14:01 on 06 August 2014 Report

    why not legalise drugs and give them all the drugs they need in one big hit !!

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