Flintshire's new crematorium verdict 'calls for courage'

Published date: 28 July 2014 |
Published by: Jamie Nield-Siddall 
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THE developer behind one of the bids to build Flintshire’s first crematorium has called on the council to show ‘courage’ in its decision.

The first application was submitted just over a year ago but approval was shelved earlier this month following a last minute submission by rival bidder Memoria.

Flintshire Council is reviewing the company’s application to build a crematorium on land between Kelsterton Lane, Oakenholt Lane and Mold Road, near Northop – just two miles from the Starkey Lane site originally submitted by funeral director Edward Davies.

Mr Davies said despite his frustrations at the decision to postpone, he is “sitting tight” and confident his bid will be approved.

“They don’t have a meeting in August so I have lost that month,”) he said.

“My hopes and what happens are two different things.

“I hope that they now have the courage to go ahead and determine this application and its merits.”

Mr Davies said the bid by Memoria just proves that there is a need for a crematorium in the county.

Grandmother Cerys Ann Sullivan, who set up the Facebook group ‘Say Yes to Flintshire Crematorium’ which has just under 2,000 members, said she is “very frustrated” by the recent hold-up.

Cerys, 50, of Holywell, set up the group for personal reasons. Her brother Glyn Hopkins died in a car crash 16 years ago, aged 38, and her nephew, Glyn’s son Paul was 23 when he died in a Chester night club.

“We had to make the same journey to Colwyn Bay crematorium twice,” she said.

“It was heartbreaking.

“It is absolutely essential to the area to have a crematorium.

“I would like Edward to get it because I believe his application is the best location.

“If the Memoria application was accepted it is going to cause absolute chaos on that road with the traffic congestion.”

Jamieson Hodgeson, business development director at Memoria, reiterated his views that if his application was approved it would cause less traffic congestion than if Mr Davies’ proposal.

He said most of Flintshire’s population would be able to avoid Northop village in accessing Memoria’s proposed site, adding: “It is clear our site has a far lower impact on traffic generation in Northop village.”

Mr Hodgeson added: “It is our assertion that several of these sites exist in Flintshire and that we have found the best one from a planning and an operational perspective.”

Mr Davies posted a statement on the ‘Say Yes to Flintshire Crematorium’ Facebook page, saying he has been “overwhelmed” by the support given by the group.

He also admitted his frustration at the Memoria application, saying it was “an area that we have already assessed and disregarded for several reasons, one of them being the increase in traffic through Flintshire villages”.

Andrew Farrow, chief officer planning and environment said: “A date has not been set as we are still undertaking an assessment of the Memoria application.”

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  1. Posted by: wonderwho at 11:09 on 28 July 2014 Report

    When you next drive to Connah’s Quay from Northop as you over the A55 and past the turning for Northop Hall you will pass two speed signs look at the one on the left (if you can see it) and it has been hit numerous times because the road is so narrow and that is typical of the rest of the road.

  2. Posted by: Prudy'sgirl5 at 13:13 on 28 July 2014 Report

    This should have been given to Mr Davies long ago, it is quite obvious Flint is the better place with far less traffic impact. The only courage needed here is for the council to stop NIMBYing and make the decision on what is the best site and this is in Flint. Just get on with it or we will have another bid from someone else competing with Mr Davies while looking for a fast buck. At least Mr Davies understands and uses RESPECT in his line of business and he is local too.

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