Redundancies come at a cost to Flintshire Council

Published date: 25 July 2014 |
Published by: Staff reporter
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MORE than £2 million has been paid out in redundancy payments to staff leaving Flintshire Council over the last three years.

In neighbouring Wrexham, the figure is £848,000 for the same period.

Across Wales, cash-strapped councils have spent almost twice as much this year as they did last year on redundancy payments.

It coincides with authorities making more job cuts to meet multi-million pound savings targets.

Flintshire Council spent £683,000 in payouts to people made redundant in 2013-14, which they confirmed was the total paid to 52 employees.

The figure is up from the £495,000 paid out in 

2012-13 but less than the £922,000 paid out in 


In what chief executive Colin Everett said would lead to a new “leaner” structure, 10 of the council’s 18 senior bosses and 100 other staff have either moved to new jobs, taken early retirement or voluntary redundancy.

They include former head of finance Kerry Feather, head of development and resources (lifelong learning) Tom Davies and the head of children’s social services, Carol Salmon.

It is understood the cost of pay-outs to Flintshire staff from this round of redundancies are not included in the 2013-14 figures and will instead show up in payout figures for this financial year, which are yet to be announced.

Wrexham Council last year paid just £394,000 to staff leaving the authority. In 2012-13 it spent £170,000 and in 2011-12 the figure was £284,000.

Across Wales, the figures for last year range from just £35,000 in Caerphilly to £3.7 million in Cardiff.

The total cost across Wales jumped from £17.2m in 2012-13 to nearly £31m last year.

The numbers were provided following freedom of information requests from BBC Wales.

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  1. Posted by: wonderwho at 11:22 on 25 July 2014 Report

    Now go back and ask the Council how many that have been made or taken redundancy are now back as consultants on big fees !!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Posted by: Mr.Gobbi at 14:45 on 25 July 2014 Report

    Nice bit of extra dosh on top of your council pension and lump sum if you have managed to escape and retire. And as the man (evertt) is saying its now a leaner meaner council ready for the re org in 2018 just wonder how much it will cost in redundancy payments for Fintshire and Wrexham when it happens. Oh well its only taxpayers money after all.

  3. Posted by: dukedom at 11:12 on 27 July 2014 Report

    Of course, Everett, who wants a leaner more efficient organisation, is the one who apparently could not marry his newly acquired lover because on the day he had not got all the right paperwork, then needed to apply for retrospective planning permission for work carried out at their love nest!

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