'Extra' helpful store staff replace couple's groceries

Published date: 18 July 2014 |
Published by: Romilly Scragg 
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MOST of us have left something on the roof of our car and driven off without realising.

But one elderly couple who drove over their entire supermarket shopping have thanked “extra, extra helpful” staff who replaced their groceries.

Geoffrey Smales, 84, and his wife Mary, 80, of Bradley, said when they arrived home from their morning shopping trip to Lidl in Gwersyllt and opened the boot, there was nothing there.

“I suddenly remembered that when I was reversing in the car park, I’d run over something which I assumed was rubbish,” said Mr Smales.

“But it turned out to be our shopping bag full of our purchases.”

The couple drove back to the store and asked if anyone had handed in their groceries.

“Some very kind person had,” said Mr Smales.

“But the helpful girl who was looking after us said, ‘I’m sorry, someone’s driven over it’.

“She looked a bit surprised and I said, ‘It was us’.”

Mr Smales said the “wonderful” assistant at the Old Mold Road store and a second “fantastic” staff member brought the shopping bag to the couple and then replaced all the damaged items.

“How about that?” added Mr Smales.

“Maybe now we’re in our 80s we’re beginning to do strange things, but at least it helps us to single out folk who are extra, extra helpful.”

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  1. Posted by: slparry at 11:25 on 19 July 2014 Report

    Just as well it was their own shopping they ran over not a child! Perhaps they need to use their mirrors more when reversing!

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