Flintshire Council claims iPads will save them £30k a year

Published date: 10 July 2014 |
Published by: Robert Doman 
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FLINTSHIRE Council estimates it will save £30,000 each year by funding iPads for all its elected members.

iPads are being given to councillors in a bid to make some of the £10 million ‘value for money’ savings needed to be made by the local authority which is faced with making cuts totalling almost £15m in this financial year.

About £37,000 will be spent on the iPads and it is hoped the move into 21st century technology will reduce the cost of printing and postage as well as giving councillors a chance to use iPads in meetings to access agendas.

A Flintshire Council spokesman said: “All councillors are being encouraged to access the new member IT facilities on a council supplied and supported iPad or alternatively they can choose to use their own personal tablet device.

“There will be one off costs of £37,240 if all 70 councillors take up the new IT facilities but with printing and postage costs of £43,000, it will be cost neutral in the first year with savings of £30,000 per year thereafter.

“The council is committed to modernise ways of working for both employees and councillors, the introduction of the iPads will enhance the IT facilities made available to councillors and lower expenditure by reducing the costs of printing and postage through moving away from paper to electronic documents.

“Other North Wales councils have also provided iPads to their councillors and, following positive feedback, Flintshire chose to use the same device.”

All councillors taking up the local authority's offer will also be offered a chance to receive full iPad training and the rollout is due to be completed in September.

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  1. Posted by: dukedom at 13:32 on 10 July 2014 Report

    Look through the County Council councillors handbook, and one, at least, from Flint, of course, does not even have an e-mail address NOW! Will need to attend a lot of instruction courses, or perhaps preferably retire as is not obviously in our century!- or rely upon family members to do their computer bidding

  2. Posted by: roofuss at 14:32 on 10 July 2014 Report

    They could of had any other Tablets that were more compatible with office products for half the cost. Apple is not the way forward for office work.

  3. Posted by: wonderwho at 19:12 on 10 July 2014 Report

    As far as I am aware there is another councilor not far from Flint who does not take e-mails think he has a PC but it is still running on steam !!!!!

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