Cutbacks on grass-cutting in Brymbo 'creating traffic hazard'

Published date: 20 June 2014 |
Published by: Staff reporter
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OVERGROWN grass at a road junction could cause a fatal crash, a former community councillor has warned.

Brian Stapely from Brymbo has hit out at Wrexham Council over poor visibility for drivers pulling out onto the B5102 Minera to Mold road from junctions in Brymbo.

The length of the grass means drivers are not able to see the whole of the road from the edge of the junction from the Brymbo Pool road.

There is a similar problem at the junction of the B5102 and Vicarage Road, leading to St Mary’s Church.

And Mr Stapely says drivers have to edge out into the road to get a clear view, leaving them at risk of being hit side on.

“I called the council and they said they were saving money by reducing grass cuts,” he said.

“It is ok saving money but what about saving lives?”

Last month, the council changed tack on the scale of the reduction to the grounds maintenance budget, meaning all areas would receive a minimum of four cuts for the 2014-15 financial year. Before that climbdown some areas were only set for two cuts from April 2014 to April 2015.

Four cuts is still half the number for 2013-14.

And the council had previously announced plans for a further £200,000 of cuts from its grounds maintenance budget for the 2015-16 financial year, but the decision was deferred at the May executive board meeting.

Mr Stapely, 67, said the knock-on effect for Brymbo residents was putting them in danger.

He added: “If you stand smack in the middle of the junction you still can’t see anything.

“The danger has been reported to the council and to the police.

“They seem to think grass will stop growing but it won’t – you can’t stop mother nature.

“I hope to God something terrible never happens but if there is a crash it could be a fatal one.

“Tractors use that road as well and if a car goes into the side of a tractor pulling out of the junction they won’t stand a chance.”

Mr Stapely said residents further along the road had been cutting the grass themselves.

Brymbo councillor Paul Rogers said: “Obviously the sooner they are cut, the better.

“It is not just in Brymbo, it is across the whole county. It has not been acceptable but at least the council seem to be catching up.

“If residents have any specific concerns, they can contact me directly or speak to the Streetscene department at Wrexham Council.”

A Wrexham Council spokesman said: “The council is facing budget cuts of £45 million  in the next five years which has resulted in cuts to the grass cutting normally undertaken.  

“However, verge maintenance will begin very shortly and we will concentrate on highway safety and visibility.”

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  1. Posted by: Jackieg at 10:57 on 20 June 2014 Report

    It's not just brymbo it's all over the wrexham area, it's absolutely disgusting

  2. Posted by: ANDREA38 at 14:10 on 23 June 2014 Report

    you look around the guildhall that is in a prestine condition; and the grounds on the old lego site that is kept prestine also. you look around all the villages it is a total disgrace.

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