Saltney pupils' rocket for chewers who spit gum on streets

Published date: 20 June 2014 |
Published by: Romilly Scragg 
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A CLASS of schoolchildren are appealing to gum chewers to stop mucking up their streets.

Year five and six pupils at St Anthony’s Catholic Primary School in Saltney said they were horrified when they realised how much chewing gum was stuck all over the pavements in their area.

After discussing the problem with  teacher, Michelle Jones, the 10 and 11-year-old pupils wrote to the Leader, hoping readers would see their letters and think twice before spitting out any more yucky blobs.

The children’s concerns include the way the gum makes the streets look and the wider effects on the environment and plants and animals.

In one letter, Sam Dunn highlighted the dangers to birds and other wildlife and Megan Bonnick described seeing gum on Chester’s famous Roman walls.

“They have been through battles and now they are being badly damaged by chewing gum,” she said.

Fellow pupil Maria Apollonio said: “We’d like readers to be as aware of gum litter as they are of dog-fouling.”

Mrs Jones said all 26 of her class had worked very hard on their science project investigating the problem of discarded chewing gum.

Over four weeks, the children have learned how gum affects the environment and even experimented to see which types are the worst, stickiness-wise.

Last week, they took a walk to the local shops to see the effect for themselves.

Lauren Taylor said: “We went on a walk to discover how much would be stuck to the floor. We found a lot of it. We were very shocked.

“We attempted to count how much there was in a small area. We counted 135 pieces of gum in one area!”

They all decided they needed to take direct action by writing to their local paper, the Leader.

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