Lovebird takes refuge in Llangollen taxidermy shop

Published date: 11 June 2014 |
Published by: Garth ApThomas 
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A lovebird who made a break for freedom was found in the most unlikely animal hiding place – a taxidermy shop.

The determined bird displayed the cunning of Houdini to carry out his second great escape in the space of 18 months.

But Trefor Edwards, of Queen Street, Llangollen, was left dumbstruck after the bird’s two-day jaunt came to an unlikely end when it flew into the town’s Riverside Taxidermy shop on Abbey Road.

But far from getting a stuffing, the un-named bird is now back home under the care of 45-year-old Mr Edwards.

“I got the bird about 18 months ago.  He had escaped and the original owner couldn’t be traced so I took him off the hands of a vet who was looking after him,” he said.

“But recently I went to the aviary in my garden where I keep birds and was startled when he flew out.”

Unbeknown to Mr Edwards, the escape-artist bird, which is his only lovebird and lives with eight cockatiels, had already chewed his way through a wooden inner door and was all ready to make a break for the great outdoors.

In a bid to track down his pet, Mr Edwards put out an appeal on Facebook asking people to get in contact if they spotted the lovebird anywhere around.

And his luck was in because after two days out in the open the bird decided to seek sanctuary by popping into the taxidermy, run by Doug Coates.

Mr Coates contacted a vet for advice about what to do.

He was told about Mr Edwards’ search and supplied with contact details.

Mr Edwards was able to come round to pick up his cherished pet.

Mr Coates said: “It was very unusual. I was just in the process of opening up and the bird flew in behind me.

“He seemed to be tame and very at home in a room.

“I was able to pick him up and then put him in a box for safety.

“Of all the places the bird could have gone to, he flies into a taxidermist

Mr Edwards thanked Mr Coates for all his assistance and said the lovebird was thriving now he was back home.

“He is doing well.

“But I wouldn’t put it past him to try another escape some time,” Mr Edwards added.

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  1. Posted by: ooban at 14:16 on 11 June 2014 Report

    The lovebird was probably looking for a mate! They are very sociable little birds and are always happiest when kept in pairs.

  2. Posted by: simples at 10:28 on 12 June 2014 Report

    He was probably lonely and as per the previous post looking for company. I feel quite sorry for him maybe if the owner bought him a companion he wouldn't escape.

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