Wrexham stab victim was stuck behind toilet door

Published date: 10 June 2014 |
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POLICE called to the scene of an alleged murder in a pub toilet cubicle had to remove the door to get in because of the position of the body, jury members were told.

Inspector Kevin Steele said he and other officers arrived at The Cambrian Vaults in Wrexham and he saw there was a large amount of blood on the floor and on the door of the cubicle.

Officers were unable to gain access because of the body behind the door and he decided the door should be removed, he said.

Two armed response officers had the necessary equipment and resuscitation equipment with them and they removed the door within seconds, he told the jury at Mold Crown Court yesterday.

The person inside fell to the side once the door was removed and paramedics entered. But he was found to be dead.

The prosecution say amateur boxer Craig Harold Maddocks, 34, from Llay, died of shock and haemorrhaging after he received 52 stab wounds from a flick knife.

Francesco John Prevete, 46, of Weale Court in Wrexham, denies murdering Mr Maddocks in the early hours of June 26 last year.

The jury has heard that some were shallow puncture wounds, others deeply penetrating stab wounds.

One wound, to the right side of his neck, punctured the jugular vein which would have led to massive external bleeding.

Two wounds penetrated the chest, one in turn penetrating the heart, resulting in massive internal bleeding.

Another wound to the back of the neck, which had characteristics of both cutting and stabbing, “almost completely severed the underlying spinal cord.”

Prevete denies murder and claims he is not the killer. The defence is also putting forward an alternative defence that if jury find that he did the act, he did it in the aftermath of an epileptic event and he was labouring under an insane automatism.

Sgt Christopher Jones told how Prevete signed a pocket notebook entry of a conversation he had with him at the pub.

In that conversation Prevete said he had left the other man in the toilet and had been waiting for him outside.

“I waited for what seemed to be quite a long time,” he told the officer.

He did not remember seeing anyone else entering or leaving the toilet while he was waiting outside.

The officer said he spoke to him for about 15 to 20 minutes and then Prevete signed his pocket note book entry later while in a holding cell.


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