Police night patrols bid to deter yob behaviour in Caia Park

Published date: 14 May 2014 |
Published by: Rory Sheehan
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POLICE are undertaking nightly patrols to combat anti-social behaviour caused by youths in Caia Park.

Attending a meeting of Caia Park Community Council, acting sergeant Wesley Williams, said the force had thought they had addressed problems of youth annoyance in the area.

But anti-social behaviour in Kingsley Circle now “seems to be raising its head again”, Sgt Williams said.

 “We’re optimistic we’ve got it under control,” he said.

“We thought we’d got to the bottom of anti-social behaviour in Kingsley Circle but it now seems to be raising its head again, so we have a full patrol and vehicle in the area every night.

“We are also working with Geraint Woolford, Wrexham Council’s tenancy enforcement officer, visiting the homes of youths to get to the bottom of the problem.

“Hopefully, that will help us in the long-term as we will have to move resources elsewhere.”

Councillors then told Sgt Williams the situation had noticeably improved recently and thanked the police for their efforts.

Sgt Williams added: “We have put resources into place to resolve any problems, but as children have been off school recently there has been a slight rise in anti-social behaviour.

“We have got operations to tackle each issue and want people to feel safe in their houses and on the street. Many more people are reporting incidents, and residents are helping us to
tackle it. Vehicle crime has dropped in the last month and there was not one burglary in Smithfield during April, where we have had unmarked police cars parked on patrol.”

Other issues raised by councillors included speeding on Cefn Road and fireworks being let off in the early hours of the morning the previous week.

Sgt Williams said: “We are monitoring the speeds on Cefn Road and are in touch with the council and community safety to get it sorted.

“With regards to the fireworks, we believe it’s connected to the theft at the industrial estate last week. We’ve been given some names and had reports they have been going off in Coed Aben, Spring Lodge and Y Wern. But until someone can pinpoint the exact location we’re always going to be one step behind in dealing with it.”

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  1. Posted by: The dude at 10:04 on 14 May 2014 Report

    Why are the police focussing on the Kingsley Circle area when gangs are roaming around Pentre Gwyn, Queensway Cefndre areas causing problems for residents. This has been going on for a long time with the police doing very little to combat it.

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