Rector wades in to back controversial Northop crematorium

Published date: 06 May 2014 |
Published by: Romilly Scragg 
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A CLERGYMAN has welcomed support for a controversial crematorium which would be the first in Flintshire.

Flint rector, the Rev Brian Harvey, said the lack of a crematorium in Flintshire added to the grief of those forced to travel long distances to the funerals of loved ones.

Mr Harvey was speaking after Flint councillor Alex Aldridge accused opposers of plans for a Flintshire crematorium of “nimbyism” and said families should not have to travel to another county to lay relatives to rest.

Cllr Alldridge is the first Labour councillor to openly support plans for a crematorium to be built on 23 acres of land off Starkey Lane, near Northop.

Mr Harvey, who regularly conducts services in crematoria at Blacon, Pentrebychan and Colwyn Bay, welcomed Cllr Aldridge’s comments.

“I know from my ministry with bereaved families that the lengthy distance they have to travel for the funerals adds to the feelings of grief at the deaths of their loved ones,” he said.

“The frequent delays before funerals can take place, caused by heavy booking at the existing crematoria, adds to that distress.”

Cllr Aldridge said he was “fully supportive” of the Northop plans after questions were raised by residents via Facebook over whether Labour councillors were in support of the scheme.

The Labour councillor said: “I’m going to nail my colours to the mast – I’m fully supportive of the proposals for a crematorium.

“I’m not going to sign up to the nimbyism argument by saying we want one in Flintshire but it can’t come near Flint.

“As and when that application comes, I’ll be fully supportive of it. The development will be respectful, it will be tasteful and it will not harm anybody.

“That site is eminently suitable and will serve the needs of the surrounding areas, with people not having to travel too far.”

Cllr Aldridge said Flintshire Council’s unitary development plan (UDP), which sets out land use patterns for the next decade, included 7,800 new homes and the crematorium was needed to deal with the extra population.

He said: “I feel for people who have to go through that absolute pain for the loss of a loved one and then have to travel huge distances to have them cremated.

“People shouldn’t have to go across the counties to lay their family and friends to rest.”

Mr Harvey added: “I welcome the comments made by Councillor Alex Aldridge. The crematorium will serve the people of Flint as well as residents from a wider area and would be in an ideal and easily accessible location.

“I feel sure bereaved families would much prefer to pay their last respects in the beautiful setting which that location would provide, and take comfort from visiting it subsequently, rather than on some unattractive and functional brownfield site.”

Opponents of the plans have argued that siting the crematorium on greenbelt land would unacceptably harm the open barrier between Northop and Flint Mountain as well as significantly increasing road traffic which would be detrimental to the local community.

Steve Petter, a member of the Say NO to a crematorium in Northop campaign, said Flintshire’s UDP had “all sorts of clauses which do not promote the development of such a construction.

“If we don’t want something in our back garden, we are always going to be described as nimbys (not-in-my-backyard)”, he added. “But this just isn’t the right site.”

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  1. Posted by: wonderwho at 09:21 on 06 May 2014 Report

    Can someone please tell me where the Flint Mountain/Northop boundary is and which side of the line this proposal is, also I recently attended a funeral in Colwyn Bay and had to leave an hour and a half before time as road works on the A55 were creating traffic delays, so good on you councilor Aldridge for seeing sense on this one and not playing politics

  2. Posted by: dukedom at 11:15 on 06 May 2014 Report


  3. Posted by: Ashfield at 13:44 on 06 May 2014 Report

    As a church goer I am appalled to see Brain Harvey siding with politicians. Surely a man of the cloth should not be cosying up to any political party! This man does not want a church for the 'new town of Oakenholt' but apparently wants them to have a crem nearby. Shame on you Mr Harvey. Its a shame that you did not put the same effort into keeping St Davids church in Oakenholt open for your parishioners.

  4. Posted by: dukedom at 13:52 on 06 May 2014 Report

    Well said, Ashfield. We people of Oakenholt are appalled and annoyed also at his stance and that of his sidekick Labour politicians who have imposed a massive housing estate upon us at Croes Atti. Thank God we have our Independent County Councillor Rita Johnson always looking out for us, albeit against difficult numerical political odds, which hopefully will change on 22 May.

  5. Posted by: ruth31 at 19:29 on 06 May 2014 Report

    The crematorium is hopefully to be built on the Flint Mountain side NOT the Northop side. It will have the A55 separating it from anywhere in Northop!

  6. Posted by: Ashfield at 22:30 on 06 May 2014 Report

    Doesn't matter the exact location, it has still been designated green barrier land by Flintshire County Council. How they can go back on this and now declare its ok to build an industrial incinerator(because that's what it is) is beyond me!!!

  7. Posted by: Billy boy at 08:35 on 07 May 2014 Report

    Both my parents,and other members of my family were cremated in Colwyn Bay.I am 74 years old,and finding it increasingly difficult to visit.This crem in our County of Flintshire,is a much needed facility for local people.

  8. Posted by: Billy boy at 08:37 on 07 May 2014 Report

    Both my parents,and other members of my family were cremated in Colwyn Bay.I am 74 years old,and finding it increasingly difficult to visit.This crem in our County of Flintshire,is a much needed facility for local people.

  9. Posted by: dukedom at 10:15 on 07 May 2014 Report

    Ruth 31- sounds like nimbyism to me- you say hopefully not the Northop side- says it all. Ashfield- super right again. Billy Boy- your point really is that a site in Flintshire is needed- there is one about 4 miles away and a brownfield, not green belt site. Any green spaces in Flint left by Aldridge and his cronies- no none, all been built on with their agreement. Perhaps he would agree to use green area- Gorsedd? at Coed Onn Road!!!

  10. Posted by: dukedom at 20:52 on 07 May 2014 Report

    Wonderwho- boundary is Flint side of A55 and crem is witihin that boundary and A55- exactly why Northop Council were only one consulted. Too many knowalls around, with incorrect information I would venture. Is this the reason for Flint Labour politicians, County and Town, support for it?

  11. Posted by: Flints12 at 21:26 on 07 May 2014 Report

    Dukedom and Ashfield - wouldn't it be easier for you to discuss this with each other over dinner? Seems a bit daft to have to chat with each other here when you're in the same room!! Fooling nobody

  12. Posted by: Flints12 at 21:28 on 07 May 2014 Report

    Dukedom and Ashfield - wouldn't it be easier for you to discuss this with each other over dinner? Seems a bit daft to have to chat with each other here when you're in the same room!! Fooling nobody

  13. Posted by: dukedom at 12:57 on 08 May 2014 Report

    Flints 12- is that so called because you are the vicars 12 apostles or 12 of Flints councillors. Either way, you are totally incorrect- have another vision and add something constructive for real discussion- and make sure you only add it once

  14. Posted by: Flints12 at 16:39 on 08 May 2014 Report

    Lol - like I said - fooling nobody. Apologies for posting twice, thought perhaps a copy each for you to discuss over breakfast. Don't need to be a visionary to see through what the pair of you are up to here and elsewhere.

  15. Posted by: dukedom at 18:21 on 08 May 2014 Report

    Flints 12-Still wrong, but as a local bobby said- 2 entries times 12 equals 24, so must be Shrewsbury 24, so probably have some secondary picketing soon-he has explained background to me- quite enlightening

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