Quick-thinking Llangollen councillor tackles wood store blaze

Published date: 22 February 2013 |
Published by: Garth ApThomas
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A councillor tackled a fire which broke out in his road.

Pat Jeffares, 72, who represents the Llangollen Rural ward on Wrexham Council, rushed to the rescue when the blaze started to burn down a wood store at the rear of a property in Wenfryn Close, Trevor.

Quick thinking Cllr Jeffares went to investigate after a friend alerted him.

He phoned the fire service then threw buckets of water onto the flames until firefighters arrived.

But Cllr Jeffares insisted he wasn’t a hero, saying: “When something like this happens, you don’t really stop to think. You just act automatically.”

The drama began shortly before 3.40pm on Wednesday.

“I was at home looking at paperwork when I received a phone call from a friend of mine, Jean Thomas, who lives close by on Llangollen Road,” said Cllr Jeffares.

“Jean said she had spotted a fire in Wenfryn Close, a few doors up from my own house. So I went to take a look.”

The owner was out but Cllr Jeffares did not hesitate. He phoned the fire service and got stuck into trying to put the flames out.

“The heat was pretty intense and the fire was reaching about 6ft in height. I used a garden tap to keep filling a bucket and threw the water on to the log store.

“Other neighbours came to offer their help. The fire service was here really quickly and they used a hose. It was a good job that Jean had spotted what was going on or else the fire might have spread further.”

A spokeswoman for North Wales Fire Service said the incident had started accidentally, caused by ashes.

She added: “A call came in at 3.40pm to a fire at Wenfryn Close. It was extinguished by a neighbour, but we used a hose reel just to cool it down.”

There was 50 per cent damage to the log store.

Nobody was available at the property for comment yesterday.

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  1. Posted by: truth hurts at 17:35 on 22 February 2013 Report

    I couldn't agree more with Councillor Jeffares, he certainly isn't a hero!

  2. Posted by: liberty1 at 21:58 on 22 February 2013 Report

    If this was in "Viz" I would laugh, but it is not, its supposed to be a newspaper.

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