Campaign steps up to fight Rossett store plan

Published date: 11 February 2013 |
Published by: Rebecca Cole
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A COMMUNITY is stepping up the fight against plans for a new convenience store they believe will put their children’s safety at risk.

Businesspeople and residents in Marford, Rossett and nearby Gresford fear the proposed development would make an already difficult junction even more dangerous and could result in a child being knocked down if given the green light.

Marston’s, which runs the Red Lion pub on Marford Hill, has submitted an application to build a 4,000 sq ft convenience store on part of the car park.

But the land is close to a junction between Woodlands Road and the main road, the B5445, which is also the site for two bus stops regularly used by students at Darland High and Ellesmere College.

There are also concerns that businesses in nearby Gresford would suffer as they depend on customers from Marford.

Jayne Rowlands, manager of Spar in Rossett, is now heading an action group determined to fight the proposal.

She said: “This proposal would devastate the heart of the community.

“Large multinational retailers shouldn’t be allowed to come into small villages and annihilate what matters to local businesses and residents.

“People are also really concerned for the safety of the school kids.

“That’s what we’ve been advised by residents.

“Children get dropped off there and people are worried delivery lorries and extra traffic will make the road even more dangerous.”

Campaigners have already submitted a petition against the supermarket to Wrexham Council with hundreds of signatures but that is not the end of their efforts.

“We’ve had a meeting with businesses in the area and are planning one for residents,” Jayne added.

“We’re in the process of electing a spokesman and we’ve set up a Facebook page called ‘Save Marford from the Supermarket Sweep’ to gain more support and make people aware of what’s going on.

“We’re gaining momentum and will fight this to the end.”

Marston’s confirmed a planning application to build a retail unit on surplus land at the site had been submitted but a spokesman said the company did not wish to comment further at this time.

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  1. Posted by: liberty1 at 15:51 on 11 February 2013 Report

    Strange how nobody has shown any concern over the years for the safety of the children, what about the Gresford bus stop? a dozen businesses around that one. This smacks more of fearing competition and NIMBY mentality.

  2. Posted by: stapler12 at 18:17 on 11 February 2013 Report

    It smacks of a NIMBY mentality because that's exactly what it is. If anything, the fact that more cars will be slowing to turn here will make the road SAFER.

  3. Posted by: stapler12 at 18:20 on 11 February 2013 Report

    and the SPAR manager comment is a laugh - AF Blakemore own more than 300 SPAR shops. Scared of a bit of a competition it seems.

  4. Posted by: truth hurts at 18:23 on 11 February 2013 Report

    C'mon everybody fight the plan, sign the petition. Wouldn't it be terrible if another store opened and charged less than Spar prices!

  5. Posted by: BleederReader at 20:25 on 11 February 2013 Report

    You know, it would be shocking if there was another grocery retailer in the area, that would definately be competition for the Rowlands Empire. It is a great shame that Stans Shop from St. Martins did not get planning permission to trade from the old KB Doors site.

  6. Posted by: liberty1 at 21:18 on 11 February 2013 Report

    "Large multinational retailers shouldn't be allowed to come into small villages and annihilate what matters to local businesses", Spar has 12,500 stores in 35 countries, to pretend that the safety of children is paramount is disgusting when protecting a business.

  7. Posted by: liberty1 at 22:28 on 11 February 2013 Report

    Just had a look at the "Facebook" page, what a contrived photo, if the pub was doing that well why would the brewery be selling the land? Maybe the cars are there due to people getting the bus to shop in places cheaper than the local Spar shops?

  8. Posted by: sniffer at 13:24 on 12 February 2013 Report

    The picture I saw in the Leader had number of people in it. Some run businesses in Gresford. Some residents of Marford as well. So you need to take a pop at all of them not just the manager of the Spar. I object to this development is on 3 counts, firstly, I believe that Marston's may be looking to develop the whole site, shut the pub and build houses or even worse turn the whole site into a retail area , secondly, the building that is proposed is not fitting for the area, thirdly, safety.

  9. Posted by: liberty1 at 21:22 on 12 February 2013 Report

    "sniffer", I lived in the Gresford/Marford area for many yrs and still have many friends/relatives there, I visit 2/3 times a week and I find the majority want this store. The NIMBY/business protectors are making the most noise but are the minority.

  10. Posted by: sniffer at 09:48 on 13 February 2013 Report

    liberty1 thank for your comments, why don't you get your relatives and friends to comment on the fb page please. All comments and views are appreciated.

  11. Posted by: liberty1 at 20:23 on 13 February 2013 Report

    sniffer, it is not for me to coerce people to comment on any forum, the majority, in my opinion, are not anti this development. As I stated in my first comment "This smacks more of fearing competiton and NIMBY mentality"

  12. Posted by: bullshrimp at 22:21 on 13 February 2013 Report

    @liberty1 I have today been shown factual figures regarding this matter and can state that ''your opinion'' on the feelings of the residents of Marford is not correct.

  13. Posted by: sniffer at 11:58 on 14 February 2013 Report

    liberty1 would it be better if you actually got your information correct. This has got nothing to to do with NIMBY. Its about safety and saving a pub. You dont even live in the area so why dont you just butt out of something that has nothing to do with you. All the people on that picture have brought this application to the attention of everybody in Marford and surrounding areas. Had it not of been for them I would not of known about it. So go and mess in your own back yard and leave mine alone

  14. Posted by: sniffer at 13:49 on 14 February 2013 Report

    liberty1 I have now done some checking and there appears to 500 people who have written against this application, and 5 for! so much for great numbers for it!! So get your info correct before you go shooting your mouth off and having a go at local people who ave done good

  15. Posted by: liberty1 at 21:07 on 14 February 2013 Report

    The population of Marf/Gresf/Ross, is in the region of 9,000 people therefore 500 objectors is a minority. It should be remembered that Stans wanted to open up in Gresford and a similar campagian was held, Mrs B lost her council seat because of it.One of the reasons people are not getting involved in the pro lobby is because of the "if your not with us you are against us" mentality which has always pervaded the area and is borne out in the more menacing comments above.

  16. Posted by: liberty1 at 21:16 on 14 February 2013 Report

    As for "saving a pub", the Red has struggled for over 20 yrs while most of the "locals" have not bothered with the place, your are more likely to see those people in the picture down the Pant, they know who they are as do anyone else reading this comment.

  17. Posted by: bullshrimp at 21:38 on 14 February 2013 Report

    '' It should be remembered that Stans wanted to open up in Gresford and a similar campagian was held, Mrs B lost her council seat because of it.'' No there wasn't and no she didn't. I did vote for her though as you can do that when you're a resident! I drink in The Red, if you ever pop in there please make yourself known. Haven't set foot in The Pant for about 3 years so can't comment on that.

  18. Posted by: sniffer at 22:02 on 14 February 2013 Report

    I actually drink in the Red, the Plough and the Yew Tree and know some of the people in the picture and have seen them in all the above pubs!! Also seen them in the Pant. Its a free world and I live around here. You dont, so why are you so interested??

  19. Posted by: liberty1 at 22:35 on 14 February 2013 Report

    bull, yes there was and yes she did, You will find that Mr Andrew Bailey is councillor for Gresford East/West on the back of her objection to Stans. Mr Edwards needs to take note.

  20. Posted by: liberty1 at 22:39 on 14 February 2013 Report

    sniff, seeing as you spend so much time in the pubs I am surprised that you are concerned by the opening of a shop.

  21. Posted by: bullshrimp at 23:03 on 14 February 2013 Report

    @liberty1 It must have been a secret campaign then as at the time I was living a few hundred yards away from the place and new nothing about it! Not sure what you mean about Mr. Edwards, apparently he is sitting on the planning committee for this application and is therefore not permitted to voice an opinion one way or the other.

  22. Posted by: bullshrimp at 08:55 on 15 February 2013 Report (I have just been informed) is the Gresford councillor you mentioned Andrew Bailey. Who do you suggest any concerned residents of Marford & Gresford should have turned to regarding this matter?

  23. Posted by: liberty1 at 16:09 on 15 February 2013 Report

    Case of the tail trying to wag the dog.

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