Left for dead, a little Hero finds happiness at last

Published date: 19 December 2012 |
Published by: Rachel Roberts
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Hero the dog fought back from the brink to find finally his forever home 

At home in Chester with new owners Bill and Jane Gledhill 

Look who's got the best seat in the house 

'Hero's pinned right back leg after he was hot by a car 

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ABANDONED, frightened and injured at the side of the road, the future looked bleak for ‘Hero’ the dog.

Dumped by his owners and left to wander the Deeside area for a month, he was then knocked down and dragged along the road under a car, who’s driver failed to stop. A passing motorist stopped to help, however ‘Hero’ fled, despite his injuries.

Four days later he was found and taken to Capricorn Animal Rescue. His horrific ordeal saw him undergo four operations, including one to fit a heavy stainless steel brace on his hind leg to immobilise his knee, thought at first to have needed amputation.

But he has now found love and happiness with a new owner.

Sheila Stewart, secretary at Capricorn Animal Rescue Centre in Padeswood, which has been 18-month-old ‘Hero’s’ home for the last eight months, said: “He will always have a bit of a limp, but he’s made an excellent recovery.”

Hero’s proud new owner, Mike Gledhill, from Chester, said: “We’ve renamed him Hector. He’s quite adorable, a bright little thing. He’s settled in quite nicely to family life and he’s gradually coming out of his shell – you can see the puppy in him now.

“He’s well behaved – certainly house trained, he rarely barks and walks very well on the lead – until he sees a rabbit!”

Hector, once so starved of human affection and kindness that he didn’t know what toys were or how to accept treats from his owners, now seems to be getting the hang of being spoiled.

“He’s also partial to carrots and now enjoys his pigs ear treats” added Mike.

Speaking of her joy for Hector’s happy ending, Sheila added: “This is the best Christmas present any of us could have had. We all had a cry when he left, he’s been a big part of our lives here for the last few months. But it just means you’ve done your job properly – it makes it all worthwhile.”

His journey to recovery has taken him months and he still bears the scars of his ordeal, but lying contentedly next to the wood burner in his new kitchen, this little hero has now found his forever home – just in time for Christmas.

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  1. Posted by: if-you-ask-me at 20:08 on 19 December 2012 Report

    oh well yet again might I stress that I hope the monsters responsible for this callous act rot in hell .


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