'End nightmare caused by Hafod refuse tip smell'

Published date: 19 November 2012 |
Published by: Andrew Boyd
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Hafod landfill site in Johnstown 

A PENSIONER is pleading for an end to the nightmare caused by a refuse tip.

John Cole, 68, of Johnstown, is one of dozens of residents involved in legal action over the smell coming from the Hafod Quarry landfill site.

Like many other people living near the tip, Mr Cole claims the terrible smell is affecting his life and is urging for action to be taken.

“This is something that has to be sorted out,” he said. “The smell is absolutely terrible.

“Sadly though I fear we will still have this in place for a long time. It has already been going on for years.

“We have been asking and asking for a long while for this to be sorted. Nobody’s doing anything about it.”

Mr Cole, of  Y Gesgail, said it had become difficult to welcome visitors to his house because of the smell.

“It is a terrible smell and it isn’t good when people come here,” he said. “We’re living on top of it.

“I am mostly concerned for people in the future that the problem gets sorted out.

“We have got to the stage now where we’ve had to do something to try to resolve it.”

Landfill began at the quarry in 2006, when campaigners mounted a legal battle to limit its lifespan.

Protest group Hafod Environmental Group has been fighting for years to overturn a change in planning consent allowing tipping at the quarry for a further 35 years and  lost a legal appeal at the High Court in Cardiff in November. They have now been refused permission to mount a further appeal by the Supreme Court in London.

Cardiff solicitors Hugh James have now been instructed by residents to help them with the case in a bid to bring an end to the problems which have existed since at least 2007.

Hugh James is holding a meeting at Johnstown Junior School, Bangor Road, Johnstown, on Wednesday at 7pm to discuss the case. Call Hugh James on 02920 391118 to book a place.

A spokesman for quarry owners Cory Environmental declined to comment.

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  1. Posted by: klingpin at 18:32 on 19 November 2012 Report

    all the of the people in this campaign group, can i just ask where all their refuse goes to and do they consider the effects of their rubbish on other peoples lives??

  2. Posted by: liberty1 at 19:52 on 19 November 2012 Report

    The term "NIMBY" springs to mind.

  3. Posted by: rincewindwales at 20:35 on 19 November 2012 Report

    klingpin & libery1, pot calling kettle black springs to mind. Try living with the smell yourselves and then throw stones. Wales has the best recycling facilities in the country and this waste comes from Liverpool, the area with the worse.

  4. Posted by: klingpin at 21:12 on 19 November 2012 Report

    @rincewindwales, you have not answered the question of of where your waste goes.. and how do you know where i live anyway??

  5. Posted by: klingpin at 21:17 on 19 November 2012 Report

    plus most of the campaigners, protesters gave up a long time ago the early morning protests that used to be put on were turned out by a very small number.

  6. Posted by: liberty1 at 19:42 on 20 November 2012 Report

    Ditto klingpins comment.

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