Constituency changes 'should be thrown out'

Published date: 14 November 2012 |
Published by: Angela Belassie
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Delyn MP David Hanson 

COMMUNITY leaders have been asked to make their views known over the proposed parliamentary boundary changes.

The Boundary Commission for Wales has made proposals for changes to parliamentary constituencies with the overall aim of reducing the number of  Welsh House of Commons seats from 40 to 30.

And there are revised plans whereby the Dee Estuary could come under a constituency of Flint.

But Delyn MP David Hanson remains opposed to the plans which would have divided his constituency in two.

He said: “The revised proposals are no different to the previous ones. I’m very much hoping the House of Commons will reject the proposals when there’s a vote next year as they don’t reflect the needs of Delyn constituency residents.”

Assistant commissioners have made changes to proposals over the name of the Dee Estuary proposed constituency.

In its report it says the name of the county town forming the larger part of the constituency would be the appropriate name.

Councillors were invited to make their representations during a full council meeting yesterday.

Boundaries for AMs’ constituencies are not affected.

Under the proposals, Flintshire residents will find themselves split between two political constituencies.

A new Flint and North Denbighshire constituency is proposed, comprising more than 80,000 electors.

In Flintshire it would include residents from two of the county’s largest towns, Flint and Holywell, as well as several communities near the Denbighshire border, including Bagillt, Caerwys and Mostyn.

The constituency would also include areas of Denbighshire including Prestatyn, Rhyl and St Asaph, replacing the current Delyn and Vale of Clwyd constituencies.

The other constituency for Flintshire would be a new Alyn and Deeside, which would be different from the current constituency of the same ward.

Anyone seeking to make representations are able to view the revised proposals (in English and Welsh) on the commission’s website at or at 49 public locations across Wales.

The consultation will run until December 18 with all responses needing to be received by then.

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  1. Posted by: a cahill at 10:47 on 14 November 2012 Report

    Turkeys can't e expected to vote for Christmas....nor could we expect sitting MP's to agree to reduction in their own number...the Welsh Electorate voted to give the Welsh Govt more powers in law making so it stands to reason that we need less representation at Westminster

  2. Posted by: wonderwho at 12:33 on 14 November 2012 Report

    Go along with Cahill on this one it is a case of do as we say not as we do, anyway MP's your turn now you have turned the screws on every other goverment funded organisations, and all councils should be looked at as well far too many dipping there heads in the trough !!!!

  3. Posted by: kevinweston at 20:39 on 14 November 2012 Report

    It's mid term and have not seen much of our MPs in the press...... Then an appearance when local MP realises that a new job may be on the cards. It's good to see that the electorate are the first priority.

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