Ghost group 'astounded' by Ruabon's haunted hall

Published date: 17 October 2012 |
Published by: Thomas Morton
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Pen Y Lan Hall 

GHOST hunters say they have never experienced so many weird goings-on in one night after staying at a manor house near Wrexham.

Wrexham-based Spirit Quest UK regularly visit the Pen Y Lan Hall in Ruabon, but on editing footage from their latest stay, they say they have been astounded by what was recorded.

Head of the group Howard Hughes said each time they visit the 17th century hall more phenomena occur, this time more than they have ever experienced anywhere in one night.

During a six hour investigation they recorded child-like voices throughout the house, a ‘gruff voice’ in the cellar, a man’s voice in the sitting room, and a camera was hit by something unseen.

Howard said: “If you think of your typical paranormal investigation, any one of these things happening would have people saying ‘Wow, that really happened’.

“I would have to say I have never heard of anybody ever experiencing and recording so much in one night, it’s outstanding.

“Pen Y lan has to be one of the most haunted places in Britain. I will stand by that.”

But, he said, it was in the cellars that the most memorable experience of the night took place.

“We heard a faint voice then we just looked at each other in amazement as we heard these really heavy footsteps up above us walking across the hallway.

“They were so loud that many of the members of the public who were in attendance just thought it was the owner of the house moving around.

“I rushed up the stone stairs to investigate and found the house unoccupied as I expected it to be.

“Returning to the cellar the footsteps above resumed again. We listened intently, so amazed that we could hardly speak and then we started to hear music.

“I once again returned to the hallway above and followed the source of the sound until much to my surprise I found a hifi in the dining room had been turned on.

“No one was in this part of the house.

“Once again those in the cellar heard footsteps again and because I was sitting in the hallway above I was able confirm that no living person was moving around.”

He added: “I later left a camera in the cellar and it recorded the unbelievable sound of something heavy and unseen moving up and down the cellars stairs and across the floor above.

“Words cannot describe how amazing this all was and how important it is to paranormal research.”

The group will be returning to the hall on Halloween, October 31.

The group’s recordings can be seen and heard at

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  1. Posted by: Dr Indahows at 12:11 on 17 October 2012 Report

    Shouldn't this article appear under the advertisement section?

  2. Posted by: davesonnet at 16:31 on 17 October 2012 Report

    I have never been to pen y lan hall but i did go to plas teg just to see if anything did happen , and it did. I would not believe it unless i had seen it myself. But i think plas teg wold be a better night than pen y lan. They are saying it is one of the most haunted in uk to take it away from plas teg.

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