Police apologise after towing man's car away

Published date: 16 October 2012 |
Published by: Lois Hough
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The BMW 3 Series belonging to Mark Wilson 

Mark Wilson 

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A MAN who came to Wrexham for a night out with friends had his prized BMW seized – because police thought it was stolen.

The BMW 3 Series belonging to Mark Wilson, 24, was towed from outside his friend’s house on Victoria Street, Rhos, because a rear window had accidentally been left open.

North Wales Police told him he had to pay £150 in order to reclaim it, leaving Mr Wilson in his overdraft.

Police have since apologised and have reimbursed Mr Wilson with his money.
He told the Leader: “The whole thing has left me astonished.

“I’d come to Wrexham to relax and have a good time with friends but instead I was left tearing my hair out.

“Having to pay the £150 left me in my overdraft, which was frustrating enough, but that in turn incurred extra charges which I do not need.”

Mr Wilson, who is originally from Southsea, Wrexham, and who studied business at Yale College, drove to Wrexham to enjoy a night in the town centre with friend Joseph Vaughan, also 24.

When he awoke the following morning his car was gone.

A neighbour said they had seen police tow the vehicle away, so Mr Wilson called the police who confirmed it.

Mr Wilson, an account executive for Milton Keynes-based Personal Group who lives in Abergele, was driven by police to a private garage on Five Crosses Industrial Estate where he had to pay £150 for its release.

He said: “My immediate thought was that it had been stolen, and I was gutted.

“When I found out police had towed it away I was just puzzled.

“The officer who drove me to the garage said it could have been towed because it was a fire hazard, and said somebody could have flicked a cigarette through the window.

“I now know it was because they thought it was stolen.

“Apparently an officer had knocked on a couple of doors to try and establish who it belonged to.”

Mr Wilson complained to police who agreed to reimburse the money.

A spokesman for North Wales Police said: “Mr Wilson’s car was seized because it was believed to be a stolen vehicle.

“It was registered to an Abergele owner, wasn’t secure, and was seized in order to preserve any evidence in the event that it was stolen.

“When the full facts came to light the vehicle was returned to Mr Wilson.

“North Wales Police have now reimbursed Mr Wilson with the £150.

“Our officer was acting in good faith when the car was seized, but we would apologise to him for any inconvenience caused.”

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  1. Posted by: RobbieP at 10:12 on 16 October 2012 Report

    If he's broke why is he driving around in such an expensive car....

  2. Posted by: t-maximus at 12:13 on 16 October 2012 Report

    haha, my thoughts exactly

  3. Posted by: greg2512 at 13:59 on 16 October 2012 Report

    Not only are those not that expensive but also this happened literally, just before payday.

  4. Posted by: RobbieP at 14:12 on 16 October 2012 Report

    It's still funny,...

  5. Posted by: klingpin at 19:02 on 16 October 2012 Report

    unbelievable, the police tow a car as they believe it to be stolen but have not had a report that its stolen, a friend of mine had his van broken into with thousands of pounds worth of machine taken, and when he phones the police he is told they will TRY and send someone to see him within the next 24 hours!!!! what a complete joke.

  6. Posted by: Dsmith1234 at 19:10 on 16 October 2012 Report

    thanks for the comments Greg and to the other people but I did incur charges from my bank , I am not short of money but its the principle, I was gated like a criminal and if I didn't have the money I would have incurred more charges from the garage to release my car, I hope this doesn't happen to you or anyone else....I just can't believe that my window was open and it had been towed away when the was no damage and no report of I t being stolen .....well said kingslin

  7. Posted by: klingpin at 19:55 on 16 October 2012 Report

    @ dsmith, thats the people of wrexham for you, they think know every thing and that they should decide who drives what type of car, be glad you moved away from here!!!

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