Road safety fears near Wrexham country park

Published date: 21 February 2012 |
Published by: Andrew Boyd
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A COMMUNITY leader fears a fatal accident will happen near a Wrexham beauty spot unless action is taken.

Llay Community Councillor Terry Boland is pushing for a new crossing to be installed on the B5425 New Road near the Llay entrance to Alyn Waters Country Park to help increase safety for walkers and cyclists.

Last year Wrexham Council officers recommended the road, which runs from Rhosddu to Llay, be one of four in Wrexham made a priority for new road safety measures.

The area by the park is classed as a 30mph speed limit but falls close to a 60mph zone and there is no crossing outside the park entrance.

Cllr Boland said: “I really fear we will have somebody killed or seriously injured near the park unless something is done. I am calling for a crossing to be installed.

“I have heard parents say they will not let their children go to Alyn Waters because they are frightened about what will happen to them when they try to cross the road. That is a great shame because it is such a nice park.

“This is a very busy road and there have been concerns raised about how dangerous it is.”

Figures released last year showed there were three crashes resulting in death or serious injury on the B5425 during the previous five years and 72 people suffered minor injuries.

However, Wrexham Council has said no injuries are known to have been sustained by walkers of cyclists outside the country park in the past five years.

Cllr Malcolm Williams, who represents Llay on Wrexham Council, said he and Cllr Peter Davies have been involved in an ongoing campaign for a road crossing to be installed. He said assurances have been given by Wrexham Council about looking at installing new safety measures and Llay Community Council has helped fund previous improvements.

Cllr Williams said: “We have been keen to see a new crossing put there and for the 30mph limit to cover a wider area, as we currently have traffic still going quite quickly as it approaches the park.”

Cllr David Bithell, Wrexham’s lead member for environment and transport, said crossings have previously been installed along the B5425 to help improve road safety and one can be found less than 200 metres away from the entrance to Alyn Waters.

"In the previous five years there have no recorded injury collisions involving pedestrians or cyclists in the vicinity,” he said.

"The B5425 through Llay is currently the subject of a prioritised programme of speed limit reviews across the county borough. Proposals have been developed in consultation with local members to extend the existing 30mph speed limit out towards Wrexham by installing new street lighting.”

He added: “These works form part a wider programme of speed limit proposals on the B5425 between Wrexham and Llay.

“Although we are still in the consultation process we hope these works will be carried out in the future.”

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  1. Posted by: mrsmop at 09:18 on 21 February 2012 Report

    my house backs onto this road and its a wonder more people wernt killed on the road the speed the cars go down here are unbelievable speed ramps from top to bottom or police cameras

  2. Posted by: lindopski at 11:49 on 21 February 2012 Report

    Its a countrywide problem this, 95% of motorists just cant drive to the limits - every 30 limit I enter,drive through or leave, I am tailgated mercilessly I even pull over to let them speed off these days. the 30 limit is ignored and in fact mocked by most people sat behind a steering wheel -it is a disgrace and no one seems to give a monkeys.

  3. Posted by: Democracy at 13:50 on 21 February 2012 Report

    There are many dangerous roads like this in the Wrexham area. I am rather suspicious of Councillor Boland`s motives. He seems to be in every edition of the Leader recently for different issues. Could it be he is using these issues for self-publicity ahead of May`s elections?

  4. Posted by: lindopski at 14:03 on 21 February 2012 Report

    Simple fix, average speed cameras on both sides and all exits from the road - job done - tailgating over, profits to be made. Only solution as others will just be flaunted constantly by pretty much everyone. I know they wont cost me deep in the purse as I can stick to the limit.

  5. Posted by: ILOVECURRY at 16:09 on 21 February 2012 Report

    Should be something introduced to stop a fatal accident on this stretch of Llay new road, Camera's, or a roundabout, I think speedhumps would not be effective for some of the 4x4's that speed along this section as if it were a racetrack a roundabout at the entrance of the country park would work, Its up to the people of Llay to make sure its sorted before someone is killed.

  6. Posted by: ericcartman1 at 17:14 on 21 February 2012 Report

    Speed limits need to be emotive to be effective and the 30 hers is not, the fact that one side of the road is rural the other has no access points encourages people to drive to the conditions and not the speed limit. The most effective solution would be to move the entrance closer to the residential part of Llay.

  7. Posted by: ericcartman1 at 17:15 on 21 February 2012 Report

    The costs involved with the new construction of a small section of new unmade highway would be considerably less than the costs involved with the introduction of a controlled type crossing.

  8. Posted by: regerme at 20:24 on 24 February 2012 Report

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