Racecourse sale 'a proud day for the club and the university’

Published date: 04 August 2011 |
Published by: Andrew Boyd
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A BRIGHT future is being hailed for The Racecourse in Wrexham after a landmark deal was struck yesterday.

Wrexham FC owner Geoff Moss and Professor Michael Scott, vice-chancellor of Glyndwr University, signed the deal to mark the handover of the stadium and Colliers Park training ground to the university – a deal believed to be worth £1.8million.

After the contract was signed at the university, both parties stressed their belief a bright future lies ahead and expressed their pleasure at the deal being struck.
Prof Scott gave assurances about the future of the historic stadium, which has been used by Wrexham since 1872 and hosted its first international match five years later.

He said: “This is a fantastic stadium, the oldest international football stadium in the world. There is absolutely no way this should be sacrificed.”

He has laid out a vision for The Racecourse to be the stadium for North Wales and an equivalent of the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, and described the signing of the paperwork as a “proud day” for both the club and university.

He added: “There will be opportunities for people in both Wrexham and North-East Wales,” he said.

“The club is a very big part of the community and we are keen to work in partnership as much as possible together, providing increased opportunities for the young people at the university.

“The club and stadium are very much at the heart of Wrexham with a fantastic heritage.”

Prof Scott said issues concerning the finances of Wrexham FC rest with the club, which the university will have no control over, but said matters relating to the takeover of the stadium itself had “been taken care of”.

He revealed he was in favour of rugby league continuing at the stadium, having been used by the Crusaders for the past two seasons.

The Crusaders withdrew their application to remain in Super League last week, with supporters fearful for the future.

“I am in favour of multi-use and community use at the stadium,” he added.

Mr Moss said he was pleased with the agreement being struck and could see comparisons with other places where sport and a university are closely connected, such as Oxford and Cambridge.

He said: “The football club and university working together can only be a good thing for Wrexham as a town.

“I cannot think of better people to own this stadium than Glyndwr University and our dealings on this have been absolutely first class. They deserve to be commended for what they have done.

“We are pleased to be working with a local university and locally based people.”
He told the Leader the deal had no direct bearing on any takeover of the club and said he was waiting for ‘heads of terms’ to be drawn up between the club and prospective new owners Wrexham Supporters Trust before any progress was made.

Mr Moss also wished to allay fears about a meeting of the Football Conference today, after the club was last week asked by the league to clarify its financial position amid growing uncertainty about the Reds’ future.

He said: “It is a general meeting for all teams and has been arranged for some time.”

Manager Dean Saunders broke off from leading a training session on The Racecourse pitch to express his delight at the development.

He said: “This is great news for everyone. It is particularly positive news for the players.”

Club secretary Geraint Parry believed the agreement bodes well for all club employees and supporters.

He said: “It’s absolutely fantastic and I believe this is good news for everybody. The people at Glyndwr have got the interests of the club at heart.”

Chief executive Jon Harris said: “We have been looking to get some stability. This is a great step in providing some stability for the football club. This matters to the players and everybody connected to the club.”

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  1. Posted by: tommy at 11:26 on 04 August 2011 Report

    Ive seen some complete bollocks in my time but this takes the cake.Glyndwr needs seriously taking in hand and the imbeciles who run the place need running out of town.

  2. Posted by: Boycs at 11:43 on 04 August 2011 Report

    "Mr Moss said he was pleased with the agreement being struck and could see comparisons with other places where sport and a university are closely connected, such as Oxford and Cambridge." Good God I can't believe I just read that

  3. Posted by: AndyWXM at 13:05 on 04 August 2011 Report

    WST have stated if they couldn't buy the ground, there was no deal for the club. What has changed now?.

  4. Posted by: watchdog at 13:17 on 04 August 2011 Report

    Moss stating that the Glyndwr arrangement was like Oxford and Cambridge just underlines the mans ignorance in this area. What he is is pleased about is that the 'assett strip' is now complete.

  5. Posted by: mypoint at 14:39 on 04 August 2011 Report

    The University has made a significant contributiion to the town and the club. Surely it is now time to move on. The ground is secure and all that is needed is for the future of the football club to be secured so that we can all enjoy the coming season and finally focus on the football.

  6. Posted by: a cahill at 15:28 on 04 August 2011 Report

    That would be see a headline based on the football teams on field success or failure rather than the exploits of its directors

  7. Posted by: tommy at 17:45 on 04 August 2011 Report

    Hi Boyc,it proves the point that this professor bloke is completely delusional....a cahill..yes but the club is a monstrous liability,it just can't make money,it is bereft of life,it is an ex-club,it's supporters are as delusional as the mad professor.Buldoze it down and turn it into a green space.

  8. Posted by: wrexhamafc at 08:08 on 05 August 2011 Report

    Don't let facts get in the way of a good dig,eh Tommy? Up until Mo$$ took over,when the club was being run as a business,it was making a profit,and had done so since the last parasite, Hamilton,was there. It will again be run as a business,and will again make a profit. As for your moan about 'taxes buying the club' Glyndwr is a charity,and it was charity money that bought the ground, NOT the club.

  9. Posted by: wrexhamafc at 08:11 on 05 August 2011 Report

    The club will be paying rent. As for the club being dead,what planet are you living on? 700 turned up last night to watch a TRAINING SESSION! tell that to the 200 who walked up Snowdon in support of the club,,and then many other fund raising activities going on. Its called community Tommy,do you understand that concept? The only dead thing appears to be your brain, and the only green space between your ears!

  10. Posted by: gra3115 at 20:34 on 05 August 2011 Report

    Sorry to put the boot in but unless I have misunderstood the articles on the BBC web site if Wrexham Football Club cannot give asureness in regards to working capital and a new business plan 5-30pm on 8th August 2011 there will be no more Wrexham Football Club

  11. Posted by: wrexhamafc at 20:40 on 05 August 2011 Report

    gra3115 that is correct,but you must have missed the declaration from the current club owners that they have already covered 3 of the 4 criteria, and have another meeting with the Conference to confirm the 4th and final condition has been met on Tuesday. No need to be sorry.

  12. Posted by: gra3115 at 19:22 on 08 August 2011 Report

    Can someone please let me have an update as to what WST are doing in regards to taking the club over it is now 7-20 on monday night and i cannot find anything about the ongoing problemes

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