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    • Planning Applications - NOTICE OF PROPOSED DEVELOPMENT

      Ref: RH493131
      Posted on: Wed 06 Feb 2013

      LL15 1YN

      The Planning (listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990 The Town & Country Planning Act 1990 The Town & Country Planning (General Development Procedure) Order 1995 Notice Pursuant to Article 8 We have received the following applications under the Planning Acts mentioned above. CA - Application No. 45/2013/0102 - Savers, 8 Sussex Street, Rhyl - Dispaly of replacement non-illuminated hanging sign and 2 no. nonilluminated fascia signs (retrospective application) CA - Application No. 45/2013/0091 - The Vicarage, 31 Bath Street, Rhyl - Change of use of existing vicarage to form 2 no. dwellings. Change of use of part of vicarage land to form car parking area for use by the adjacent Church of St. Thomas CA - Application No. 45/2013/0065 - The Sussex, 20-26 Sussex Street, Rhyl - Change of use of land from highway to form extension to premises by the addition of a demountable fabric barrier system to the front of the building to provide a pavement cafe area. You may inspect the above ap

    • Planning Applications - Planning Acts

      Ref: OS447548
      Posted on: Fri 01 Feb 2013


      Planning Acts

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    • Planning Applications - Planning Regulations Act 1990

      Ref: MT480562
      Posted on: Mon 28 Jan 2013

      ch5 2ll

      The Planning (Hazardous Substances) Act 1990 The Planning (Hazardous Substances) Regulations 1992 (Regulation 6) – Notices of Application for Hazardous Substances Consent I give notice that Great Bear Distribution Limited is applying to the County Council of Flintshire for hazardous substances consent. As part of Great Bear’s customer service commitment there is a requirement to store up to 2,500 pallets of hairspray and styling mousse type consumer items within its Deeside Depot. This will enable us to improve the level of customer service we offer as a business – helping to ensure that the operation remains competitive and a sustained employer within today’s economic climate. The hazardous substances consent would be to support the compliant storage of a maximum 199 tonnes of LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) which is used as a propellant for the styling products. The approval is to support the activities within the current confines of the existing buildings located at Deeside Indust

    • Planning Applications - town planning

      Ref: OS447341
      Posted on: Fri 25 Jan 2013


      town planning

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    • Planning Applications - Planning Listed Buildings

      Ref: MT480398
      Posted on: Fri 25 Jan 2013

      LL12 0HE

      PLANNING (LISTED BUILDINGS AND CONSERVATION AREAS) ACT 1990 Proposed development on:- DENTAL SURGERY, STATION ROAD, ROSSETT, WREXHAM An application has been received from:- ROSSETT DENTAL CARE For Planning Permission to:- REPLACE EXISTING CANOPY WITH EXTENSION The development is within a Conservation Area and would affect the character or appearance of the Area You may inspect the above application, the plans, and any other documents at the Planning Department, LORD Street, Wrexham, LL11 LG during normal office hours or If you wish to make representations about the proposals you must write to the Council at 16 LORD Street, Wrexham, LL11 1LG before 15 FEBRUARY 2013. Mr L Isted HEAD OF COMMUNITY WELLBEING AND DEVELOPMENT DEDDF CYNLLUNIO (ADEILADAU RHESTREDIG AC ARDALOEDD CADWRAETH) 1990 Datblygiad arfaethedig ar:- DENTAL SURGERY, FFORDD YR ORSAF, YR ORSEDD, WRECSAM Derbyniwyd cais gan:- ROSSETT DENTAL CARE Am gani

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