Despite the heavy downpours Mold delivered a ‘fantastic weekend of blues and soul’.

More than 1,500 music lovers descended on the town for the fourth annual North Wales Blues and Soul festival.

The gathering at Kendrick's Field is the brainchild of Mold town centre manager Dave Hill and Charlie Broadhurst of Event Sound Ltd, a Mold business providing technical support for live music events.

The festival, sponsored by the Leader, included an impressive line-up featuring acts like Greg Coulson, Stevei Nimmo Band, Jo Harman, Alexis Evans, Deep in the Top, Connie Lush and Colin Hinds Band.

Mr Hill said music fans weren't to be deterred by the appalling weather conditions: “Over the weekend we had some of the most awful rain which was disappointing but you can't really make arrangements for that.

“We had more than 1,500 people which was pretty good, with people coming from all over the UK, from places like Portsmouth, Kent and the North East.

“We've helped put Mold on the map in that sense and it was a fantastic weekend of Blues and Soul.”

Mr Broadhurst said organisers had big plans for the event moving forward. He said: “We brought over three artists from overseas – France, the US and Greece – and as far as I'm concerned, we're moving to make the festival more international.

“Things were dampened slightly by the rain but people were generally in good spirits in the typical stoic British attitude.”

Video by Rick Matthews / NWN Media